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Why do I need an Quicken ID AND Activation AND Subscription to see my existing quicken data?

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I have data from Quicken 2011 (and 2017). I downloaded the latest quicken. I was hoping to try out the latest quicken to see if I want a subscription and to decide if Deluxe is good enough.

Install was easy. When I opened Quicken I pointed to a copy of my data files and it converted to the latest format. Fine. But then it wanted me to log in with my Quicken ID. What if there was no internet? I thought I would have guaranteed access to my data.

This is a horrible flaw! I barely do anything without the Quicken ID.

Moving on, I reluctantly entered my Quicken ID. Now, it wants an activation code. What, why? I assumed that I would have guaranteed access to my quicken data.
I incorrectly assumed that I would be able to use the latest version with certain features disabled such as most of the "subscription' based features.

This is how is should be: Install, point to data, and open it. Features would be limited to basic stuff like registers, reports, and searching transactions. No fancy update ability as in Deluxe and no access to fancy investment tools in Premier.

I am seriously thinking about giving up on Quicken after more than 25 year of use. This seems like ransomware now with no control of update or features. Whatever they do, you will like it, dammit.
The cost is higher than ever and they have to play games with it. How about a simple pricing scheme? Starter is free. Deluxe is $15/year. Premier is $30/year. Data is accessible easily with no login or activation needed.
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