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Online center won't "Update send" bills/Quicken Bill Pay missing from OSU (updated title)



  • bdeamerbdeamer Member
    I was told by a Quicken tech agent today (12/18/19) that the Quicken BillPay server was temporarily down. He suggested trying again in a day or two.
  • BobCBobC Member ✭✭✭
    Hello Mikail:

    Sure. I clicked on "Help" then "Get Support" from within QHB&RP. That took me to the normal (I assume) support web site, and at the bottom of that page, there is a "Talk to Support" box, which offers two choices - phone or chat. It provided a phone number in the phone box, (I saw (650) 250-1900, I think - from my phone records, as the phone support is now closed and that box is empty).

    I simply dialed the number in box, and within a few minutes, (less than the 6 minutes projected when I connected), Fausto was on the line helping me. I had to ask him to repeat things now and then, as my hearing is no longer perfect, but with his patience and my persistence, we got through the re-configuration in the 37 minutes mentioned above. He also sent me an email with a ticket number and request for feedback, at the conclusion of our session. I'm not sure what their hours are, but the above process should connect you to someone during their normal hours.

    I do not have/did not use the paid support option. I have done that with CompanionLink, software I use to connect my iPhone with MS Outlook, and they have helped me solve issues with that connectivity software, but I'm glad it wasn't needed here. This issue is clearly on Quicken, or Quicken Bill Pay, but should not be left to us, the user, to try and fix. They seem to acknowledge that and are ready to help.

    Hope this helps; Good luck!
  • BobCBobC Member ✭✭✭
    Hello bdeamer:

    I spoke to their tech support folks today, (12/18/19), from about 4:00 pm until about 4:40. At the conclusion of the effort, my connection to Quicken Bill Pay through Quicken HB&PR, (current subscription version), which had not been working since early on 12/17/19, was working fine and a new transaction had been sent to QBP through Quicken. And QBP had reappeared within the "accounts" listing in One Step Update. See my posts under "Quicken Bill Pay missing from One Step Update" for more detail of my experience, if you are interested.

    So, in response to your note, the QBP server has been working when I was using it, and after 4:00 pm today, when I was connecting to it through Quicken. In fact it was functional yesterday, and this morning, when accessed it more directly from my web browser, and all seemed normal there.

    While my issue was resolved, I don't know what was broken or who's responsibility it was. Finally, it is possible the QBP server was down for some time when I was not able to communicate with it via Quicken, or was not attempting to talk to it via my browser. I suppose it is also possible the Quicken tech was referring to an interface server that Quicken runs, (in their area of responsibility), rather than the actual QBP service run by Metavante, that you or I can log into via the web, as well as through Quicken, when that path is functional.

    Good luck,
  • BobCBobC Member ✭✭✭
    Hello SForsgren:

    Anyplace to track resolution progress? In this case, it seems resolved. See my post earlier in the thread.

    Nonetheless, this is an excellent question. Thanks for asking. Hopefully Quicken folks will read this and lower the threshold for Alerts, or more generic resolution tracking for issues.

    Now, as near as I can tell, until the issue rises to the level of getting an Alert or Announcement in the support web space, the only way I know to track the issue, is to watch threads such as this one, and or keep searching the forum and the Quicken web site for key words.

    If it rises to the alert level, you can make that a bookmarked item, and you should get an email when there is a change in status. My guess is that means more work for the Quicken staff, so they set the level of an issue mutating to an "alert" pretty high.

    Basically, you can try and do the same thing, by bookmarking a thread dealing with the issue in the forum, and then you should get emails whenever there is a new post to the thread. Of course getting notice that the issue has been resolved depends on some user, like you or me, posting a note when it is fixed for them. While I have done that in this case, I don't do it all the time, and I never did it when I was working 80 hours or more a week.

    Thanks again for a great question & good luck,
  • EricCEricC Member ✭✭
    I'm having this problem as well. Enter an transaction to SEND and it shows in the list of payments but does now show in the count by the Update/Send button. This started a couple of days ago. I have release 23.17.
  • Richard YoungRichard Young Member ✭✭✭
    On Dec 17 I spent a couple of hours on the phone, first with Quicken, then QBP for the same issue, where "zzz Quicken Bill Pay" shows up. The Support Rep had me deactivate Bill Pay for my account, then use Advance Setup to bypass the "zzz Quicken Bill Pay" issue, however Quicken would always connect to my bank's Bill Pay and not QBP. Eventually the Quicken Bill Pay rep told me it was an ongoing issue with quicken that should be fixed soon. Yesterday, Dec 18, I called Quicken Support again, the Support Rep tried several things and then told me that because the Error received was a 301 error code I had a corrupt data base (although the 301 error code is generic for several connection issues). He gave me two (2) options: 1) Pay $104 for a one time issue to repair my data base. or 2) Pay $189 for a 1-year support.

    I did not want to shell out that kind of money, and with his concurrence I ended the call to restore an earlier BU from a week-old system ( I am migrating to a new desktop PC) that is still working. I wanted to make a new BU for the transfer, and I downloaded transaction on the Old system. This then gave me the "zzz Quicken Bill Pay" issue on the OLD system, confirming that the issue is with the Quicken software and not a corrupt data base. I then returned a call at about 6:00 pm EST to another Quicken Support rep. He immediately knew what I was talking about and told me that it is being actively worked by Quicken and an update would be deployed within 12 hours. It is over 14 hours now an and I am still waiting.

    I agree, it would be nice if Quicken would post this as an alert with updated progress status. I have been looking for information on their website for over 2 days, having finally found this thread. If I had found this information earlier I would have passively waited for the update instead of wasting several hours over 2+ days and would not have polluted my OLD system.

    System Info:
    Windows 10 Pro Version: 1909 Build: 18363.535
    Quicken Premier 2020 subscription Version R23.17 Build:

    Here's hoping for an update coming this way soon.
  • GeoffGGeoffG SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Are you both using QBP or using Direct Connect to your bank? If banking, which bank(s)?
    user since '92 | Quicken Windows Premier - Subscription | Windows 10 Pro version 1909
  • danhotchkissdanhotchkiss Member ✭✭
    I was able to re-add Quicken Bill Pay to my Quicken accounts this morning using the Advanced. (I had already deactivated online bill payment.) From the Edit Account dialog, I chose:
    Online Services
    [Online bill payment] Set up Now...
    Advanced Setup
    I want to select the connection method [fill in Quicken Bill Pay without the zzz]
    Use the following financial institution [click on Quicken Bill Pay - New]

    From there on it was clear sailing.
  • When I did that, I no longer was able to download from my bank. The account online information pointed only to quicken bill pay. I’ve done that loop a couple of times.
    Are you saying that you can download your transactions from your bank and have Quicken bill pay functionality? Thank you.
  • danhotchkissdanhotchkiss Member ✭✭
    No, I spoke too soon. My bank download credentials were removed in the process of adding Quicken Bill Pay, and I can't seem to get them both working at once.
  • Richard YoungRichard Young Member ✭✭✭
    Based on the previous two posts, here is what i did:

    1) I added QBP to my checking account. It removed my online link to my bank.
    2) I successfully updated QBP
    3) I re-added the online connection between Quicken and my bank. It converted the bill pay from QBP to my bank's BillPay.
    4) I asked for a Status Update on one of my scheduled payments that is setup on QBP. Quicken updated my bank accounts linked to Quicken, then attempted to update the status of the scheduled payment through my Bank's BillPay. The status check failed with the OL-301-A error code. I do not have BillPay setup at my bank, so the bank rejected my login to their BillPay server.
    5) I canceled the requested status check through my bank and deactivated the BilPay for the checking account

    The issue is not resolved.
  • We’re all having the same problem. Unfortunately I don’t think Quicken yet understands the full scope of it. Patchwork solutions without a clear understanding of the problem. A recipe for failure.
  • Are you sure that you’re able to download transactions from your bank and also able to use Quicken bill pay to pay bills? That seems to be the remaining problem with quickens solution. Please post back so that we can be sure that everything works.
  • pcbakerpcbaker Member
    This is still not working for me.
  • SAF56SAF56 Member
    I can download bank transactions from my bank but QBP does not show as an option for connecting. Just got off the line with Quicken Technical Support and they said nothing to be done and no idea when it will be fixed.
  • I have used quicken bill pay for years. Starting yesterday it quit working. I have payments with check # "SEND". When I perform the one step update, I do not see these payments and after the update they are still in "SEND" mode (not "SENT"). I looked at "TOOLS/QUICKEN BILLPAY/SETUP QUICKEN BILLPAY ACCOUNT" and my id/psw are missing and at the top it displays "zzz Quicken Bill Pay". I entered the id/psw, hit enter, and it displays "Sorry. We encountered an error. (It's not your fault)." This started yesterday and is still occurring today.
  • I was able to get billpay back using the method above by MarkL18.
    However that made Quicken run unbearably slow. If it was a game one frame every 15 seconds. Deactivated in online services and Quicken is back to normal speed.
  • MarkL18MarkL18 Member ✭✭
    Looks like you are correct David Weinshel. My first run of One step update went without any errors while on the line with tech support. I tried running it again just now and I am able to connect and download QBP, but not my bank account. I have not noticed any slowdown in Quicken as mentioned by David Sellars above.
  • Thank you MarkL! This worked for me as well!!!

    > @MarkL18 said:
    > I just got off the phone with tech support (650-250-1900) and they were able to walk me through the solution in about 10 minutes. Everything is now back to normal and working properly.
    > The process essentially involved deactivating QBP from my linked bank account. For me this ended up being an extra step as initially the deactivation option was not a choice. This only became an option after clicking set up new QBP account. Once deactivated going under Tools>QBP>set up new QBP account. The initial screen is going to reference zzz the old QBP. At the bottom is the option to go to advanced set up. On that screen you can type in Quicken Bill Pay - New (the spaces around the hyphen are required) clicking next (which doesn't really seem to change the dialog box but is required) and then clicking return to simple set up. At that point it was straight forward following the prompts and entering your QBP username and password to finish setup and linking QBP to your desired bank account.
    > If you have any issues doing this independently I wouldn't hesitate to call tech support. They were well aware of the issue and the now recommended solution they walked me through.
    > Good luck. Hope this resolves your Quicken issues as it did for me.
  • NoyesNoyes Member ✭✭
    I don't have a problem with the bank..as I can download into the account. and update the register no problem. I can't answer how the bank is connected to quicken. Obviously, everything was working, then it just changed, i was able to send payments through quicken on 12/13
  • I called Quicken support today and they said they thought they had fixed the issue but then realized they had not. They say they are still working on it, not estimated time to complete.
  • Since this is a known issue and has been going on for days I am disappointed that Quicken chose not to publish information on this.
  • BobCBobC Member ✭✭✭
    Greetings to all still suffering:

    The resolution / solution that looked OK yesterday, during and shortly after my discussion with and guidance from Quicken Support, WAS NOT PERSISTENT for all checking accounts.

    After all of my verifications completed yesterday, during my phone session with Quicken support, and after my posts, sometime very early this AM, I did one more One Step Update. As confirmed by another OSU at about 8:00 AM, Quicken has dropped connectivity and "activation" of one of 3 FIs set up with payment source Checking Accounts in Quicken Bill Pay. All 3 worked yesterday, for a short time, during and immediately after my phone call with support. All 3 worked fine before 12/17/19.

    Quicken Bill Pay has it right, still, when contacted directly via my browser - and they always have, as far as I know.

    What Quicken did, sometime after my work with Quicken Support, was to somehow loose the "activation" of one of the 3 checking accounts. Each of the 3 is a different bank. They appeared to all work for both transaction downloads and uploads to QBP, yesterday, during and after my session with Quicken Support.

    OK, so one checking account and FI, that worked yesterday doesn't work today. Now it gets really strange. Quicken also decided that I really wanted to use another, different, bank account, also from Chase, (which has been closed now for several months), instead of the desired and apparently working for some time yesterday account from FI #3. And so it took the subject closed account out of its hidden status, moved it from business to personal account, and tried to connect to it via its QBP interface - maybe - not clear exactly what really happened, although this is the impression I get from the data I have, which also keeps changing ... a whole series of errors, and lack of any persistence, with respect to this 3rd payment source checking account, from a 3rd FI. Note that the appropriate Chase checking account and a second FI #2 checking account, appear to still be functional, for downloads and uploads, at this time, although I don't have much confidence that they will function next time I need them, at this point.

    In the OSU status report earlier this morning, it showed QBP connecting and communicating with the closed account. (Note - the account is closed at the bank. I did not close it in Quicken yet, because it shows it still connected to some reminders - so I am trying to find and remove those now. Why Quicken would try and reconnect to the subject account, instead of the desired account at the desired FI, is very obscure to me. I went back and checked to make sure the account is still hidden in Quicken, (it said it was), then back to One Step Update report, and now it shows only connecting to two FIs. How / why all of these things are changing - within hours or minutes, with very little involvement on my part, is really unnerving.

    The saga continues. Sorry for bringing false hope to those of us still struggling with the issue.

    Happy Computing and Banking,
  • ATCATC Member ✭✭
    After deactivating and reactivating as described and having bill pay linked, when I go to make/update payment it wants me to change my QBP password. Even if I try to change, it doesn't take, keeps going to manage passwords screen, change password for BP. I was setting up BP for first time as a new user and thought I was doing something wrong till I found other people having same problem. Been screwing around with this for hours. Linked and unlinked half a dozen times.
  • Almost everyone who repoted being helped by Q support has recanted. Richard Yound indicated:
    ...another Quicken Support rep...immediately knew what I was talking about and told me that it is being actively worked by Quicken and an update would be deployed within 12 hours. It is over 14 hours now an and I am still waiting.

    Is that still your belief (if you are monitoring this thread), Richard?

    It is unclear whther Q knows that their "solution" is not successful.
  • emarstonemarston Member
    I am having this problem also, which started yesterday (12/18/19). Instead of sending my "send payment" instructions, Quicken bounces me to a "One Step Update Settings" dialogue, with the "update now" button grayed out and a "fill password" field that does not accept input. There is a link to "manage passwords" but there is nothing that needs changing in the password vault. I had to use my web browser to access the "new BillPay" service and get my bills paid.
  • geohpcincgeohpcinc Member ✭✭
    I am having the same problem. It will not allow me to send the payment. It says use the password for the bank but doesn't allow it to through. It just continues to come up the same message.
  • SForsgrenSForsgren Member ✭✭
    I just spoke with support again and they indicated they do not have a solution at this time. No formal ETA but hopeful to have a solution in the next few days. It sounds like the solution is a collaboration between Quicken and QBP which are two separate entities.
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