I cannot back up or restore my recent Quicken Data

Quicken Cannot open the data file because it is in use by some other application. Please close that application and try again. I do not understand what some other application means not how I find it to close it.
I have tried everything in support online but nothing seems to work. I am using a recent installation of DropBox but also cannot even use my flash drive without getting this message.
In all of the years I have been using Quicken I have never had this problem until I installed Dropbox.

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  • GeoffG
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    The issue is you are saving Quicken to a DropBox folder. This is not allowed as the application continues to keep the file open during use and DropBox is trying to copy it to the cloud.
    You can use DropBox, but you must copy the backups to the folder. Never use your current data file in a Dropbox folder either.
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  • GLE81342
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    I appreciate your response but still is not clear to me. Quicken has partnered with Dropbox and is recommended by them. I have talked with tech support and also watched Quicken videos using Dropbox on YouTube, showing how to backup and restore data. Still hasn’t worked for me . You are saying I must copy the backups to the folder. I can’t even get a backup nor do I understand what folder? Should I just uninstall Dropbox and continue to use my flash drive?
  • GLE81342
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    Thank you for your response and your help.
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