Validate keeps saying it fixed a damaged scheduled reminder, but doesn't.

Q2017Deluxe (Windows).

For quite a while (a few years), Quicken has stopped automatically entering scheduled reminder transactions that are marked to auto-enter 'x' days in advance. I've tried all the recommended steps (Copy, Validate, Super-Validate) many times. Each time I validate/super-validate, it says "Quicken found a damaged scheduled reminder and removed it." However, running validate/super-validate again produces the same message, leading me to believe that it actually DIDN'T remove it. (It also repeatedly says that it corrected 3 investment transactions that were incorrectly categorized. Apparently, it isn't actually correcting those, either.)

In addition, when I bring up the Bill and Income Reminders list, there are two at the top of the list that I can't delete. When I try, one of them just pops up with "Could not delete item", and the other simply has the Delete option grayed out!

Obviously, something is hosed up with my scheduled transaction list. I'd be OK with deleting them all and recreating them, IF I could (and if it would work, which it doesn't - I've tried).

Reverting back to a backup copy from before the problem occurred isn't an option, mostly as I'd then have to re-enter years of transactions!

How can I actually FIX this problem? Validate/Super-validate don't actually appear to be doing anything, and I can't delete the corrupt records. This problem has persisted over multiple versions of Quicken, too. I don't feel comfortable switching over to the subscription model and paying Quicken every year, if they can't/won't fix bugs that have persisted for years!

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