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Online center won't "Update send" bills/Quicken Bill Pay missing from OSU (updated title)



  • James DoumakJames Doumak Member ✭✭
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    (Removed-no selling) The issue with QBP not working within Quicken is frustrating but not as much as Quicken not reaching out to it's users to keep us updated and assure us that they are using every IT resource to solve the problem.
  • I also am having a problem with Quicken Bill Pay although symptom is a little different. For me, when I do OSU to upload a bill payment, I am prompted for the password for my bank account showing the bill payment to be paid. Entering the password results in the same message again, and again....
  • My bill payer services disappeared from one step update when I attempted to deactivate and reactivate I was no longer able to reactivate the billpayer service. This started 12/26/19 does anyone know what is going on
  • BertilakBertilak Member ✭✭
    Birdman24: That is all part of the same problem. In my various attempts to fix (what I thought to be MY problem) that symptom (extraneous and ineffective password prompts) was something I saw. The cure for that was to restore a backup, leaving me with the original symptoms.

    We need to wait for a fix from Quicken and use the QBP web page until that comes.
  • Jeff RyanJeff Ryan Member
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    Those of you that might be having trouble with BOTH Quicken Bill Pay (QBP) and Downloads from your Bank, try changing your password at your Bank/Financial Institution.

    I was able to regain downloads from my bank (after numerous attempts) when I changed the password on my bank's website. This reinstated the connection in Quicken and downloads (updates) resumed.

    As many others have posted, QBP is still not working.

    The fact that this is NOT posted as a "Known Issue" on this site is maddening and inexcusable.

    After spending an hour on the phone with support and made to walk through the routine of Validate, Super Validate, removal of the "zzz" from QBP and Advanced Setup attempts, Quicken support then acknowledged this is a known issue. Don't waste my time. Let users know UP FRONT that this is an issue.

    Then Quicken support gives me a "ticket" number and when asked, admits they are not going to proactively communicate about progress towards a solution? You have my email address. Put me in an email que with updates on the fix!

    Their solution? I would have to continuously monitor this website (which doesn't list this as a Known Issue!) in order to be updated on the problem. Wow.
  • I agree. I was able to recover access to my bank in Q by changing the password on the bank website and then using the new password in Q. Have had to do that in the past also.
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    I am experiencing the QBP problem as well. In conjunction with this problem, Online Payees are no longer showing up under Tools | Online Payee List. I mention this because I did not see it mentioned by others.

    Because this is a CRITICAL issue, I thought it would be resolved quickly. On Christmas day, I realized that some of my most important bills were do by the end of the month and 1st week in January and payment times were also impacted by two holidays. As a result, I spent Christmas morning paying them manually via the QBP website.

    The community message posted by "carlj07" is on target in hitting my concerns - very well written and to the point.

    Quicken has made a lot of improvements that I am happy with since becoming an independent company from Intuit on March 31, 2017. It's interesting how something like poor communications can quickly cancel-out what was thought to have been progress and potentially result in a decrease in revenue.
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    > @Jeff Ryan said:
    > After spending an hour on the phone with support and made to walk through the routine of Validate, Super Validate, removal of the "zzz" from QBP and Advanced Setup attempts, Quicken support then acknowledged this is a known issue. Don't waste my time. Let users know UP FRONT that this is an issue.
    > Don't insult us by walking through worthless troubleshooting steps just to give us a ticket number that has no value. Bush league.

  • BertilakBertilak Member ✭✭
    > @Paul said:
    > I am experiencing the QBP problem as well. In conduction with this problem, Online Payees are no longer showing up under Tools | Online Payee List. I mention this because I did not see it mentioned by others.
    I have seen this also. I have daily backups going way back so could restore to a point where that was not a problem. It was a shock to see my payee list disappear! I think it happened to me when I did a validate that hung up without completing.
  • scottdkoenigscottdkoenig Member ✭✭
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    I am LinkedIn with [removed]. On a previous occasion he interceded in a problem and I sent him a message asking for an update. I'll post any replys. I've used this for going on 30 years. I can't trifle with someone/something that would allow a problem with this impact to last more than a few hours much less days. I've supported banking software my whole working life and this is totally and completely unheard of. 
  • swimraftswimraft Member ✭✭
    I've been having problems with Bill Pay - and I notice there's an alert about it. It will not allow be to transmit for schedule payments the last transactions I entered for my Wells Fargo account. Today I notice when I pull up the "Online Center" the financial institution for Bill Pay is no longer listed and perhaps that's the problem. In my case it's requesting the Password for Wells Fargo even though the password is stored for Wells Fargo - but perhaps it's trying to request the password for the Bill Pay service?
  • rthomurerthomure Member
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    Last weekend, 12/21, while processing my monthly bills through Quicken Billpay, when attempting to send the connection to my BMO Harris account, the connection was gone. Due to the Christmas holidays, I waited until today, 12/27 to contact Quicken Billpay. The alleged customer service representative told me that - yes there is a problem - no it isn't their fault - there is a problem with Quicken - and she had no idea when it would be fixed. Her suggestion was to contact Quicken. Another great example of the continued lack of concern for their customers.

    Question #1 - Does anyone have any updates from Quicken when this issue will be resolved?
    Question #2 - Did anyone receive a notice or an alert about the issue?
    (Removed- No selling)

    Ever since the first of this year, there have been a string of "issues". I've stayed with Quicken since the 1990's. But since they have been sold and are more focused on generating loans versus supporting their user base; it's time to leave them.
  • Like everyone else, after decades of using Quicken, I am thinking of moving on
    I got things to work by doing the following
    Disable BP from the linked account
    Enable BP on linked account using advanced function (Bill Pay-New instead of ZZZ Bill Pay)
    Got a warning it didn't work...but it did.
    So I am OK for now
    Good luck
  • BertilakBertilak Member ✭✭
    > @JBaksha21 said:
    > I got things to work by doing the following
    > ...

    Perhaps a fix is in the works. I'll wait for official notice.
  • jswafajswafa Member ✭✭
    Interesting! Hard to believe such an easy fix would do it after all this. We'll see!
  • Many users think that worked.
    Until they try to download banking transactions.
    Likely you are now only connected to QBP for that (those) accounts.
    Not your FI.
    Been there, done that.
  • browndhbrowndh Member
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    About a week ago I worked with a support person (who had not been made aware of this wide-spread issue) and the determinations was that (until the issue is resolved) Quicken could either download from my checking account or QBP. I opted for QBP as this is the one I use more often (I rarely have non-QBP transactions in checking). I tried to set up both yesterday to no avail, so I'm back to QBP only.

    This is likely going to a Communications department. But I shared that over the teens of years that I've used Quicken, I've had a mysterious issue or two each year. I shared that what has always been lacking from Quicken is frank and proactive communications. I feel that they try to hide their issues.
  • I also have had this problem for about two weeks, along with the one step update problem. The workaround for one step update is working perfectly, but I still can't transmit a billpay from Quicken to Quicken Billpay. Have been (ugh) posting manually to QBP.
  • Overhead10Overhead10 Member
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    [removed - speculation]
  • I reread this thread after posting my comment above. If it helps, my online payee list is just fine.
  • chutechute Member
    I have been using Quicken since '94 (pre-Windows). The current inability to send payments, perhaps the core element of functionality for Quicken, seems unprecedented in it severity and how widespread it seems to be. Yes, it is the holiday season and most folks are off, but requiring the entire Quicken user community to enter manually their payments on another website is not an acceptable workaround. I have worked at the "Office of No Christmas" myself a few seasons when called in for a critical issue in my little work world. Let us all hope this is resolved before our Jan 1 bills are due.
  • Sarah:
    I have 8 funding accounts (7 at one bank and 1 at another) that I use with Quicken in Quicken Bill Pay. If I do this workaround how do I send payments and have Quicken Bill Pay know which funding account it comes out of?
  • BertilakBertilak Member ✭✭

    I have only ONE funding account but it seems like initiating the payment via the web page is WAY easier than creating a whole new account and then, somehow, integrating things after this problem is fixed.

    I think the answer to your question is to create 8 new funding accounts!
  • hichic Member ✭✭
    I lost my on-line payee list, too, but it came back when I added Quicken Bill Pay - New as a separate account. I am still waiting for the fix that allows me to connect QBP to my main bank account.
  • bobschlebobschle Member
    HELP! In my multiple attempts to get things worked out I have now lost QBP and transaction download. I understand all the problems with QBP and will await a fix. BUT now it wont recognize my sign on credentials for Bank of America. I changed my account nickname and password, but it still wont allow me to sign on and download. Anyone can help???
  • BertilakBertilak Member ✭✭
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    Disable bill pay in quicken account details -> online services then re-activate transaction download. Be careful with account names, passwords, etc. as it is easy to mess these things up when messing with this stuff.

    Do not try to re-activate bill pay!
  • hilltophilltop Member ✭✭
    (I too wrote a message to the Office of the President using the web form. Thank you for pointing that out.)

    I want to alert Quicken Support of another aspect of this ongoing problem. People on this thread have said that as a work-around we can pay bills using the Quicken Bill Pay website interface. Earlier today I was able to log in to my QBP web account but not for the past 6 hours or so. Instead, after entering my credentials I get a webpage titled ERROR RESOLUTION NOTICE, a screen shot of which I am attaching here. This error page asks you to read and accept the terms and conditions, but that checkbox is not checkable and you can therefore not navigate past this page! So, I am unable to access the Quicken Bill Pay web interface, let alone through the Quicken software app.

    Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

    Quicken Support, please advise.
  • BertilakBertilak Member ✭✭
    > @hilltop said:
    > Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

    Not I. Just checked. Logged in OK. Everything is there. I did not try to submit a payment.
  • scottdkoenigscottdkoenig Member ✭✭
    I just spoke with someone from the Office of the President who called me after reaching out (see my post above) to someone I knew in the C-suite. This problem is complicated, involves three companies (Quicken, Intuit and Metavante the bill pay provider) and is being worked full speed. Not much more can be said than they're on it, know it is a mess, are sorry to have let it go on so long but will fix it.
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