New issue with linked online billers and reminders



  • Sherlock
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    Bob. said:
    Thanks @sherlock. I am back in contact with Quicken support and I trust this will all work itself out somehow.
    Do let us know how it goes.  Good luck.
  • Bob.
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    Two issues fixed now. The biggest was the Chase accounts and as I thought, somehow combining the accounts when I had a reminder and online biller caused the older account to go to the dreaded "Biller Already Added" and show only the newer account. Having all Chase removed from the online server allowed me to add back the two proper accounts.

    The Hartford is on their side I am sure. Purged them from the online server and I will resolve to handle them manually. They had enough chances:)

    Last is the credit card that does not know it has been already scheduled to be paid. Working on that one. Will let you know.
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