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Online center won't "Update send" bills/Quicken Bill Pay missing from OSU (updated title)



  • CosmacelfCosmacelf Member
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    FWIW, the Metavante website (the company that purportedly runs the bill pay service for Quicken) is offline right now. [removed - speculation/disruptive] Anyways, I too have had bill pay issues on Quicken 2017 and still do.
  • CosmacelfCosmacelf Member
    Incidentally, Quicken is probably my least favorite application. But it seems that no one else has an application that allows you to track and organize your bank accounts while also allowing printed checks and online bill pay. Amazing that Quicken is the ONLY company. That's probably why the software sucks so bad. No competition.
  • jerrbittjerrbitt Member ✭✭
    As of today Sunday 1/5/2020, no resolve of QBP. issue
  • aec618aec618 Member ✭✭
    I have a question: what is the "Mondo patch"? I've only heard about it on here, and none of the tech support people I've talked to have mentioned it. Is it maybe a fix that doe snot work with my version (2017)?
  • Fred WaltersFred Walters Member ✭✭

    This link should take you to the 2017 Mondo Patch:

  • cullen0cullen0 Member
    Today I restored my file from the December 14 backup and ran one step update. Quicken Billpay seems to work.
  • thevogelthevogel Member ✭✭
    > @thevogel said:
    > I did two things to get QBP to work again, or at least working for now. I didn't look to see if my solution was posted on previously by someone else. I didn't read every page.
    > I installed the mondo patch for Quicken 2017 for windows US version. Not sure if this had anything to do with it. I never tested adding QBP back after the install.
    > *****You may want to just try the solution below first. After this solution I was able to add QBP back and send a payment.
    > https://community.quicken.com/discussion/7865641/resolved-12-27-19-users-unable-to-connect-with-quicken-bill-pay
    > *****
    > I followed workaround 2.
    > Hope this fixes your issues also.

    Here is where you can find the patch. I used the Quicken 2017 link under Supported Quicken for Windows Products.

  • David HearnDavid Hearn Member ✭✭
    Quicken had update this morning - I installed R23.21. Still can't activate Bill Pay.
  • karminskarmins Member ✭✭
    > @Quicken Sarah said:
    > (Quote)
    > Hello @karmins
    > The internal root cause of the Quicken Bill Pay issues has been resolved for all Users, however, we are continuing to see reports of Users receiving an error while attempting to reconnect Quicken Bill Pay that we are further investigating.
    > If you are continuing to experience issues connecting with Quicken Bill Pay, please contact Quicken Support for assistance with further troubleshooting and/or re-establishing the connection.
    > Thank you,
    > Sarah

    I just got off the phone with support and they report these issues still exist for Quicken 2017. What issues have been resolved? Still cannot re-activate Quicken Bill pay, and before deactivation, QBP transactions still were not showing up in OSU. (Kept restoring backups with active and deactivated QBP).

    It's very frustrating when we get different conflicting status's.
    Please respond!
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    This discussion was created from comments split from: Having trouble with one-step update (updated title).
  • CReillyCReilly Member
    Metavante was acquired by Fidelity National Information Systems (an $86 billion market cap NYSE company).
  • LKELKE Member ✭✭
    Monday, Jan 6, 2020 -- Quicken Bill Pay has really wrecked my bank download and Bill Pay functions ........... I keep calling in for info - and even today --still not fixed...Wow it must be over a month now......this is TERRIBLE! this is how quicken loses customers and I have been a loyal quicken client since its inception.....
  • ATCATC Member ✭✭
    That happened in 2009.
  • CReillyCReilly Member
    I see that now, sorry. It sounds like they re branded and that may be why the Metavante Website is down......
  • CReillyCReilly Member
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  • karminskarmins Member ✭✭
    As per your latest alert.....

    Our Teams are investigating this issue and working to resolve it as quickly as possible. If you would like to add your information to assist in the open investigation, please go to the Help menu in Quicken and select "Report a Problem".

    Followed instructions... got error message.... Cannot send send to Quicken ... Try again.

    How can I submit this data?
  • SystemSystem Member ✭✭✭
    This discussion was created from comments split from: Having trouble with one-step update (updated title).
  • karminskarmins Member ✭✭
    Tried to refresh branding as per your instructions....
    The financial institution "Quicken Bill Pay" does
    NOT appear in the dropdown. The only applicable
    account to choose was my Bank of America checking.
    After Ctrl+Shift+Contact Info; There was an
    "Unspecified Bill Presentment Account" listed
    in the Account dropdown. Tried the Refresh...
    went online, tried activate again....
    same its not your fault error.

    Tried to send requested logs to Quicken, keep getting"Unable to send reports to Quicken, Try again later" error
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    This discussion was created from comments split from: Having trouble with one-step update (updated title).
  • agreccoagrecco Member
    This is unacceptable. Why are we paying for a service that has fallen and can't get up? If we have to pay bills through the Quicken Bill Pay website rather than Quicken, I can do this with my Credit Union for free. Fix this quickly or get out of the business.
  • chastylrchastylr Member

    I tried to send the requested logs and getting "Unable to send reports to Quicken, Try again later" error.
  • markeastermarkeaster Member ✭✭
    @Quicken Sarah @qal2947, re pruning security list of "old" tickers, if it is, or expected to become, SOP to prune the security list manually, then we need a much better way to do this. I spent a couple hours tonight turning off old options securities and marking them hidden.
  • drockmkaer .drockmkaer . Member ✭✭
    It will not let me send the logs
  • agreccoagrecco Member
    Please read the following alert from Quicken Kathryn:

    We're continuing to gather information on this issue; if you are experiencing this issue, please attempt to refresh the branding and profile of Quicken Bill Pay:
    1.Select the Tools menu, then choose Online Center.
    2.Click the Financial Institution drop-down arrow and select the financial institution (Quicken Bill Pay).
    3.Press CTRL+Shift while selecting Contact Info (Contact Info is at the top of the Online Center window).
    4.In the Account dropdown at the top of the dialog, select an account that is associated with Quicken Bill Pay.
    5.Select Financial Institution Branding and Profile from the Refresh Options and click Refresh.
    6.Click OK and go online by clicking the Update/Send button.
    After you refresh the branding and profile, attempt to add Quicken Bill Pay again. If you receive the same error, please follow the steps above to submit your log files through "Report a Problem".

    So the question is: If people have already told you that they are unable to report the problem or send the log files through Quicken, why are we being asked to continue to beat our head against the wall? Second question: If we cannot add Quicken Bill Pay as an account, how are we supposed to select that as a Financial Institution and refresh the branding profile on a Financial Institution that we cannot add? Third question: This issue has now been going on for weeks. When are you going to give it priority?
  • dlipsey83dlipsey83 Member ✭✭
    Something happened overnight!! I was able to add QuickenBillPay to all of my 4 accounts, and download/make payments like normal. I hope it sticks!!
  • Rew452Rew452 Member ✭✭
    Not so, for me still can't add QBP! Same old -Sorry ---not your fault statement.
  • FordHFordH Member ✭✭
    As of 8:45 EST this morning (1/7/2020), still receiving the "not your fault" error message when I attempt to connect to Quicken Bill Pay using Q2017.

    I followed Sarah's instructions to send the logs. Like others, I received the error message "Unable to send report to Quicken, please try again." I tried again several times to no avail.
  • Al.MAl.M Member ✭✭
    > @Rew452 said:
    > Not so, for me still can't add QBP! Same old -Sorry ---not your fault statement.

    Still does not work for me. I had 45 minute call with support a couple days ago. Took me through a set of steps, that work for some users, and had me send logs when it did not work. Support Rep told me that it fails for about 25% of users. I am running Quicken Premier 2020 / Windows 10 with paid billpay version since my "free / included with Premier has still not been approved. Last contact with Bill Pay was a request for a utility bill copy a week or so ago. Ridiculous when I have been a monthly paid Bill Pay user for many years.
  • drockmkaer .drockmkaer . Member ✭✭
    Just worked now for me on 2017 7:07 PST
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