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How long does it take for Quicken Bill Pay to verify a payment source?


  • Al.M
    Al.M Member ✭✭
    I went through Sarah's UPDATED 01/07/20
    instructions, including re-branding and am still having the "it's not your fault. I spent 45+ minutes on phone with Quicken Support a few days ago and sent logs for Ticket # 7293932 and have heard nothing back.
    My system is windows 10, latest updates; Quicken Premier version 23.21; build I am currently using paid version of BillPay.

    I applied and sent all requested items, including a copy of one of my utility bills. It's been over a month. Last time I called BillPay I was told that validation takes a while and to be patient. Years of history with current BillPay don't seem to mater. Am currently paying bills by logging into BillPay website.
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