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Bill was duplicated


  • While the QBP via app was down I entered a payment manually on the bill pay quicken web site and not in the app for about $6700 which got paid twice, same amount same payee (Barclays credit card). This overdrew checking by about $3k and billpay froze account. Credit card can not refund to billpay have to send me a check that takes 5-10 business days for my huge credit balance. I had to take an expensive cash advance from another cc to quickly cover since transfer from another cash account also takes about 3 days. BP redoposited the bounced duplicate and if it had bounced would be turned over to their recovery dept and take a long time to get myself unfrozen. Therefore dashed to bank and got it covered but with a 3% cash advance fee charged plus overdraft fee of $39. - so the duplicate payment cost me about $200.
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