An account got split into two

I have an account for my Chase credit card. Today I noticed the account got split. Now I have one called Chase Credit Card 2. It has transactions from a part of last year, like 8 months. Why did this happen and How do I fix this?


  • Sherlock
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    This typically occurs when we reactivate the Online Services for an account and neglect to link the account Quicken finds at the financial institution to the existing register.

    There are few ways to address the issue:
    1. Restore a backup saved before the new account was introduced.
    2. Delete the new account.
    3. Move the transactions to one account.
    The first two approaches make sense if the issue is recent and you may need to catch up on the downloaded transactions.    For the last option, you may want to review: 

    Before making significant changes to your data file, always save a data file backup: press Ctrl + B