Automatic sync from Quicken Mobile to Quicken Mac

We've entered a bunch of new transactions in Quicken Mobile (iPhone), and we want those transactions to automatically appear in Quicken Mac.

However, Quicken Mac forces us to manually click on that little "Refresh" button above the list of accounts in order to bring in the new transactions from Quicken Mobile.

Is there any way to get Quicken Mac to automatically bring in the new transactions from Quicken Mobile, or are we required to click on that "Refresh" button every time we want to see new transactions?



  • Scott Rose
    Scott Rose Mac Beta Beta
    I'm referring to the "Update All Online Accounts" button in Quicken Mac. It seems to refresh automatically when I launch Quicken Mac, but it would be awesome if it automatically updated in these 2 circumstances:
    1. After I type in new transactions in Quicken Mac to send those new transactions to Quicken Mobile.
    2. After the cloud gets updated from Quicken Mobile, so that new Quicken Mobile transactions are put into Quicken Mac.
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