I'm done with Quicken

v. 2019 is just one massive slowdown and obstruction to. I learned early that updates changed my setup preferences and actually on one occasion reset linkages between some accounts. This screwed up my finances for a while until I figured out what was happening and reset it. I do not want software making any assumptions about how to best configure my preferences. Ever since then, I do not permit upgrades without my consent. Loading the s/w has also become prohibitively slow recently, even after rebooting the system and following on-instructions to streamline this.

I'd do better with a spreadsheet or pen and paper at this point.

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  • TenkoQCKN
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    > @smayer97 said:
    > You can control automatic updates of Quicken for Windows by adjusting the UAC settings in Windows.

    Thanks. I did that on installation. The problem is that the default apparently is to search for updates during boot, and then you choose to accept or not. The first time I did that, it screwed me up royally. I never would have expected that a software would take such liberties in actually changing my setup and preferences. That's nuts. So, no more will I let it update, and now I suffer through the long, enduring startup process.

    I don't need this. I've had it.
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