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Online, I note so many people reporting the same error for over 2 years. When will Quicken respond to this???

I challenge Quicken to respond


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    Let's say you own your own company, and you have 3 products. Product One is old and you inherited it from another company, it's complicated to maintain, has poor documentation, has a large but declining user-base who are entirely dependent upon the product and really have no where else to go.

    You also have another product (Two) which is new, you built yourself, is relatively simple with a small but growing user-base. And you have a third brand new product (Three) which is extremely simple, cheap to maintain and entering a highly competitive and rapidly growing market.

    You own this business and are responsible for all the employees and investor returns. Rank the products in order of priority to your company and investment they should get. And that's your answer

    -Long Time Quicken User (1998)
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    so what are newer programs that do the same thing as Quicken?
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    In my opinion it has very little to do with the new programs, especially Simplifi, which is very new, and I think is really an offshoot of Quicken Web development.

    Quicken is a very complicated program with a huge amount of features that have been built up over the years. And along with that there are a very large amount of bugs. One could probably fix one bug a day and still have bugs to fix 20 years from now. And they are no way fixing bugs at that rate, and also new bugs are introduced in that process and in the process of adding new features that everyone keeps requesting. Not to mention that Quicken's priorities of what to work on doesn't always line up with what XXX customer believes should be worked on next.

    On top of that some of the problems are "out of their hands" like a lot of the downloading problems fall into Intuit's and the financial institution's ballpark.

    > @DavidClarke said:
    > so what are newer programs that do the same thing as Quicken?

    Let me guess (but note Zoolook didn't actually say that they did the same thing as Quicken).

    Quicken Windows
    Quicken Mac (not really created by Quicken Inc, created by Intuit, but I'm not sure of Zoolook's 2nd product)
    Simplifi I think is the last one.

    I suppose you could say Simplifi does "do the same thing as Quicken", but that is like comparing Quicken to Mint. I would say it is much more like comparing what the Quicken Web app does to Simplifi (without the syncing to a desktop Quicken).
    Using Quicken Subscription Premier (and have a copy of Starter to test things on)
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