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Currently using Quicken Home & Business 2015 - can I switch to 2019 "Deluxe" - I need Invoicing -

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I am not a computer person - would really appreciate someone telling me if my data can be transferred to the new 2019 Deluxe...I own rental property and have an "account" set up for each property, and run year end reports etc for each account, including personal stuff for taxes like "Healthcare", "Vehicle" etc. I do NOT use any online banking and do not intend to thru Quicken - I get all of those services from my bank. Thanks

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  • Thanks for this info! I do not save any reports - I print them out and let it go. Are you saying I will no longer be able to create a report from an account and print it? I don't even think my "accounts" are called H&B - I don't know... I did forget to add that I must be able to create invoices...will I lose that?
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    The data in the account from which you create invoices will come over ... but not the Invoice "form'.  That's H&B specific.
    NON-H&B reports work, in Deluxe, exactly the same was as they do in H&B.
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  • Many thanks to both of you for being so quick and detailed in your responses. I really need the invoicing so I'm going to stick with Home & Business.
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