Quicken 2019 is so slow [edited]

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How do I hate Q2019 Premier, let me count the ways or rather the seconds. I had to upgrade from Q17 to Q19 when my computer was stolen during a burglary. It is sooo slow, always updating, and taking forever. Tonight I was clicking on a saved transaction from the bill payment screens. Not an online transaction, just entering a transaction into a savings register. The screen flashed three times, several hourglasses, finally on the third transaction I was entering I started a stopwatch. 48.57 seconds before the program was ready for the next transaction. I HATE THIS PRODUCT.

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    Something else is going on, this isn't just because you changed to Quicken 2019.  The performance of such activities hasn't changed in many years.

    I suggest you try this procedure to get a clean uninstall, and then reinstall:
    Using Quicken Subscription Premier (and have a copy of Starter to test things on)