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I have been quicken user for 20+ years and for about the past year have been using the latest version for windows 10 on a new PC. It has been a difficult experience. The latest problem when I went to reconcile to the bank statement the ending balance was not the same as them ending balance for the previous month. There are no deposits shown and only a few of the checks and many are old. In short, it is completely screwed up. How can I clear the slate and start over. Its a real mess.

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    • If you are reconciling February for example, in the Quicken reconcile window, enter the ending balance from your February bank statement The ending balance of your previous month (January) statement will now be the amount in the "Prior Balance" window. If that amount is incorrect, you can enter the correct amount. In addition, make sure the ending statement date is correct which should be February 29 if you are reconciling February.
    • Under the heading, "Categorize Your Interest and Bank Charges, if any" make sure dates for "Ending Statement Date",  "Service Charge" and "Interest Earned" are correct. I have reconciled my account for February so if I click the reconcile button in Quicken today, those dates now show 03/29/2020. When I reconcile for March, I will have to change those dates to 03/31/2020 because my bank statement ends March 31, 2020. Sometimes users just accept the dates and amounts when starting a reconcile, and if amounts and dates are incorrect, some transactions will not show when you reconcile. For example, I have a monthly deposit on the 31st of each month. If I leave the dates on 03/29/2020 when I reconcile for March, that deposit will not show in the reconcile window.
    Hope I have correctly understood your problem and provided information that will resolve your problem.
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    Independent of the reconciliation aspect and question, are the transactions actually missing from the account register?  Have you cleared all the filters and search box for that register?  Is the account balance shown way off base?  Are the transactions sorted by date?  

    If you truly are missing a lot of transactions, your best path is likely going to be to restore your most recent backup.  Be aware that Quicken usually automatically makes a backup unless you have taken action to prevent that.    
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