Multiple Online Banking Errors [edited]

For the past week There have been issues. Starting with OL-393? I was told in chat to wait a few days. When there was no progress I called and spoke to a live person who told that it would be repaired by Wednesday 3/4. No such luck. I also started to get a CL-220 issue. These both involve Bank of America. This is delaying some bill payments. I will have to make the payments online to prevent any default. Now today I am getting a CC-501 having to do with my Credit Union. This is unacceptable! It may be time to start shopping around for another product with a different company. I have used Quicken for many years. Are we seeing the outcome of them not being part of Intuit any more?


  • Greg Brown
    Greg Brown Member ✭✭✭✭
    SInce the resolution of the BofA Billpay issue the "Send Now" process no longer works when paying bills. When selecting "Send Now" while paying the bill, the update does not occur. I have to do another send to process the payment(s).