Quicken Premiere for Windows R25.xx losing login info

When I tried to download quotes today, I got :# a message telling me that my membership has expired. My membership is good until November. When I try to re-sync my logon info using the same userid/password I get a series of logon screens that end up giving me the choice to continue my Quicken download or to enter a product key. Same thing happened last month. Only got Quicken working after an extensive session with support trying uninstalling/reinstalling multiple times. This kind of thing shouldn't be happening! Help!


  • clefurgy
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    I was able to overcome the above by taking the following steps:
    1. Uninstall quicken using QuickenUI.exe
    2. Download from quicken.com and install in a new directory under ProgramFiles(x86), e.g. Quicken_New
    3. After reinstall, was able to log in successfully and use Quicken.

    I'd still like to know how my login info was lost in the first place. I'd rather not have to go through the above on a regular basis.
  • clefurgy
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    Step 2 above should say QCleanUI.exe.
  • clefurgy
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    Sorry, that's step 1, not step 2.
  • NotACPA
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    For reasons unknown, and probably unknowable at this time, your had a partial/incomplete installation of Q the first time.
    Your uninstall and re-install corrected that.
    Unless there are further problems, not yet disclosed here, your experience shouldn't be repeated.
    Try starting up Quicken again, just to see for yourself.
    It's possible that your PRIOR install location could have been the problem.
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  • clefurgy
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    I just installed the latest release that was pushed out earlier this week, r20.21(?) and when I launch Q, it asks for a userid and password. I enter it and it indicates success, however after I launch Q and go to Edit Preferences to see if my id is synced to my data file, I find that it is not. Loging off and re-loging in with the same userid/password results in the situation above. I'm now faced with doing another uninstall/reinstall as outlined above. How can this be resolved? Seems like a server issue.
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