Last Quicken Update wiped out all my categories, twice!

This is now the second time this has happened. About three weeks ago Quicken mysteriously wiped out all my categories, I tried the support tool, repairing the file, sending the issue (and logs) to Quicken and received no response. So I restored from a backup prior to the categories disappearing and they came back. I had to re-download some transactions but at least I got it all back.

About two days ago I started Quicken and it wanted to 'update' so I did. When it restarted all the categories are gone again! I didn't notice the first time but this one was DEFINITELY related to the 'update' - showing correct balances, but no spending at all because there are no categories at all. Very frustrated with this and need a quick resolution to the issue. This is absolutely unacceptable.

I don't think I want to go through restoring and re-doing all the work I've done twice. I'd rather get my money back from Quicken and go with a more reliable product. Poor support and customer service. Please advise.


  • ProfessorMS
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    For reference I am using Quicken Deluxe 2020 R25.18 Build
  • splasher
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    Making a backup after any Quicken session that you make changes during will eliminate the re-do of transactions if this happens again.
    Have you do Validates and Super-Validates of your data file?  What you are experiencing is not normal and points to either an issue with your data file or your Quicken installation.
    You could do a re-install of Quicken using the QCleanUI - Clean Uninstall process to prep your computer.

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  • ProfessorMS
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    Validate and SuperValidate yield the same thing, QDF: Damaged Data Record. (2x) and Validating your data. No action required on all the accounts.

    What I'm not understanding is when this happened before I restored from a backup without the issue and everything was going normally until the latest update/install of Quicken.

    Should I validate the file again after restoring from the same backup? Is it downloading bad transactions or something? No indication of what is wrong or how to fix it. No response from Quicken after sending the log report (through Quicken) is really, really bad. Like full refund and damages bad.
  • ProfessorMS
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    Though with the SuperValidate it is listing a bunch of transactions in one of my accouts (Personal Loan) as being damaged and recommends I delete and recreate them as appropriate. Though the account is closed I don't need to track it anymore, why would that wipe out ALL my categories? They don't seem related at all.
  • Rocket J Squirrel
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    Sadly, "Damaged data record" cannot be corrected by any known means, including Super Validate. Often, a damaged data record can be lived with if it's minor enough. But it sounds like yours is causing major damage repeatedly.
    You can try contacting Quicken Support for help, but their advice will probably be to start a new data file from scratch and re-enter or import all your data.
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