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Check registering as a deposit

I try to input information for a check written, but it will always register as a deposit.


  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Are you entering it manually? If so, are you first selecting a Category before entering the amount? And if so, is that Category defined as income or expense (you can check at Window > Categories)? If you select a Category Quicken knows as an expense, and then type a value in the Amount column, Quicken will change the amount to a negative number when you save the transaction. If you select an income Category, Quicken will leave the number positive. 

    Also, if you're having problems with positive and negative amounts in the Amount column, you might want to try changing your register to display the separate Deposit and Payment columns instead of the single Amount column. (To do this, click the Columns icon in the bottom toolbar; click on Deposit and Payment so they are checked, and click on Amount so it is unchecked.) Now, with a separate column for your deposits and payments, you can simply enter the value of each transaction in the appropriate column. (Although two columns use up a little more screen space, I personally prefer this.)
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