Inconsistent Problems Recently?

Hello - I have reported several issues with One Step Updates in the past including the 502 cc error problem. This continues to a problem intermittenly. Some of the other problems are -
1. not sending saved instructions / transactions to Quicken Billpay
2. not actually updating all the accounts at a particular single institution (Ally, Discover, etc.) as a bundle as it used to - but in the summary box is says 3 accts updated successfully and only two were updated - w/no error messages. Have to update the remaining account again manually - with no problems
3. Applied changes / check boxes on the set up One Step Update boxes don't stay checked after update
4. A phantom copy of an account appears in the set box as well - and when checked requires a password - which gets rejected when trying to save (does not appear in the PW Vault)?

Now - not related to One Step another problem just started to happen - the default file now just opens without a password when restarting the Quicken program.

Because these problems seem to fix themselves and then reappear after a few clean sessions, I can't believe I have a corrupted file? Do these symptoms sound like anything specific to any other power user? I hate to call customer support cause in the past, they just follow the same flow chart of problem solving and then become stumped. Thanks for your input, JN - a user since 1993 PS - never had this much trouble with Quicken untill the online / subscription versions...


  • Sherlock
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    Please provide the year and version of Quicken being used: select Help > About Quicken

    If you would like the data file to have a password, I suggest you select File > Set Password for this data file...

    Quicken continues to have difficulty maintaining the Express Web Connect connection method.  If you are not willing to accept the unreliability of this connection method, I suggest you use the Direct Connect or the Web Connect connection method if available instead.  If you haven't already, you may want to review:

    I suspect the One Step Update boxes issue and the phantom copy are due to a corruption.  You may be able to coerce a fix if you are able to deactivate the Online Services of all registers prior to a Copy and Validate

  • Jon
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    Sorry forgot that - Windows 10; Year 2020; Version R25.21; Build
  • Super Validate and Copy worked for me.
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