Disconnecting from online services causes Quicken 2020 Lock up

I am a new Quicken 2020 user who has recently updated 20 years from Quicken 2000 a program I really liked. After updating and restoring I decided to let Quicken connect to my bank accounts online and download new transactions. I then hated what it was doing, too much overlap of months worth of transactions I had already entered, so I decided to stop Quicken from connecting to my bank accounts. So I deleted all the garbage transactions and proceeded to disconnect from online services. Here is where the question comes in. I click Tools, Account List then click edit on the account I want to stop downloading from my bank. On the account details page click on the online services tab, then make the selection to disable online services for the account. The services are disconnected and Quicken locks up. Most everything on the account details page is grayed out. Clicking on anything twice will make Quicken go to black screen. I can either wait until Windows says the program is not responding and close it or do a control, alt, delete and close the program. I have successful rid myself of online services to my bank for all accounts now but that lock up issue should not be happening. If this is somehow related it also locks up when trying to sync to the cloud. I am seriously doubting my continued use of this program, going back to 2000 may be the answer if that is possible anymore.

Quicken 2020
Version: R25.21

Windows 10 Pro
Version: 1909
Build: 18363.720


  • splasher
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    Comment about the initial turning on of downloading. 
    Yes, you will have an overlap of downloaded vs manually entered transactions, BUT it should only happen during the initial download.  After that, there should be no overlap since Quicken remembers based on the FITID field what has been downloaded in the past and ignores them if downloaded a second time, only presenting the new transactions.
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