Stock History Prior to Stock Split Appears to be Incorrect

I am running Quicken 2020 R25.19 (Canadian version). Brookfield Asset Management (BAM.A) split 3:2 today. After doing a One Step Update, the number of shares has increased (showing fractional units, but that is another issue), and the price seems reasonable, but I am showing a large daily gain. I found out that the Price History for BAM.A shows a price drop (from $61.68 to $39.4867) on March 27, as through the stock split happened on that day. I have checked various quote services, including Yahoo Finance (the only one I found that shows CAD quotes) - they all show the price adjustment effective April 2.

I have updated Quicken to R25.21 and done another Open Step Update - no change. I am not sure if the low price quotes appeared on the 27th - I haven't been watching my portfolio closely these days (:-).

Is anyone else seeing this? What source does Quicken use in Canada to download stock quotes?

Thanks, Norbert


  • Norbert
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    I vaguely recall that Quicken Canada downloaded quotes from Yahoo Finance. The Five Day Chart for BAM.A.TO showed the right change in price on April 2, but I later noticed that the pre-April 2nd prices were too high. On further checking, the One Month Chart shows the same change in price on March 27 as Quicken, as does the Historical Data. I have reported the issue to Yahoo Finance and am waiting for an update.

    Regards, Norbert
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