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R25,21 will not accept same banking PW as I use online banking

I have tried everything recommended on your community web site. This all started when I added Quicken OnLine App. I changed my banking PW, it works on the bank web site, but Quicken One step update says Quicken can not accept the password. It is 13 characters with a Capital, small, number, and $. Works fine on bank log in but quicken will not take it

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  • ps56kps56k SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    What bank ?
    Each bank has their own set of rules for their online banking password.  They usully share this set of rules with Quciken, so your OSU password will mirror the bank.  Sometimes these are not communicated, and the bank has a required set of rules, but has not communicated them to Quicken.....

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  • I use Regions Bank and am able to log onto my account on their web site. I use that same password on "One Step Update" in Quicken Rental Property Management and am able to update Quicken with this same PW. Then I go to Mobile & web, and it will not accept this same password that works fine on the bank website and works on Quicken Rental Property, but will not be accepted on Quicken Mobile.
  • iobdennisiobdennis Member
    Is it true that Quicken Premier (Mac) does not permit reconciliation via any web browser any longer? If so, how do you reconcile bank and credit accounts online with Quicken?
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