Cleared charges do not match cleared balance

When reconciling only one credit card (of several cards) the cleared total on the charges screen is $1728.96 but the cleared balance at the lower right corner of the Reconcile window is $1707.07. The difference is $21.89. Last month the same dollar difference ($21.89) was present although the total of the charges ($2823.54) was different. I verified the total cleared balances by counting the entries and using excel to total the numbers. Further, the amounts in the register are manually entered (I do not download the charge data). What is wrong?


  • GeoffG
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    Have you ever used a balance adjustment to force reconcile? If so, that is the problem and will need to be corrected.
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  • Dennis19
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    Thank you for your quick response. I don't recall using a forced reconcile. The idea scares me. However, after installing the current Quicken (from 2017 version) my bank account reconciliation failed to correctly bring forward the previous months closing balance to the opening balance at the following month. I entered a fake transaction to balance the account.
    RE the credit card difference, I will post a faux transaction for the difference amount, clear it, then wait until next month to see if the problem is solved. BTW: the mysterious $21.89 has been posted to many charges. I checked one charge slip that totaled $42.65, which I am sure I entered accurately, but the Quicken register said $21.89.
    All in all a bit unsettling after years of reliability.