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Multi-faceted Rebalancing

Any smuck can figure out how to rebalance their portfolio based on market-cap weighting. What Quicken needs to offer is a tool to rebalance to a target market-cap AND sector weighting. In some cases, the solution to the rebalance equation may require a stock, mutual fund, or ETF not currently in the portfolio, so allowing the user to tinker with how adding additional equity outside the portfolio before committing to it through its purchase would be a necessity.
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  • colleenkcolemancolleenkcoleman Member ✭✭
    Is anyone aware of such a tool? At least a basic XLS would be better than what they provide....
  • NotACPANotACPA SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    I use Excel to figure out my rebalancing ... across 2 accounts and 3 "portfolios"
    Q user since DOS version 5
    Now running Quicken Windows Subscription,  Home & Business
    Retired "Certified Information Systems Auditor" & Bank Audit VP
  • colleenkcolemancolleenkcoleman Member ✭✭
    Thanks. I may have to build such an XLS myself - RIAs have access to various tools, but no feasible business model/license model for the independent investor like myself. If anyone has a good XLS/Access tool they've built and are interested in sharing - or selling for a nominal amount - please reach out to me. I could build it myself but expect there is someone out there in the community who has already done so it would be duplicative and a waste of time.
  • Rocket J SquirrelRocket J Squirrel SuperUser, Windows Beta ✭✭✭✭✭
    If you perform a web search for "excel stock rebalancing", you will find plenty of results. The trick will be choosing the best one for you.
    Quicken user since version 2 for DOS, now using QWin Premier Subscription on Win10 Pro.
  • colleenkcolemancolleenkcoleman Member ✭✭
    Thanks Rocket Squirrel. I will check into this! But it still frosts me that Quicken still has such antiquated tools....
  • colleenkcolemancolleenkcoleman Member ✭✭
    By the way, I've downloaded several off Google search results - including one from the Bogleheads site, among others.
  • Rocket J SquirrelRocket J Squirrel SuperUser, Windows Beta ✭✭✭✭✭
    Let us know if you find one you like.
    Quicken user since version 2 for DOS, now using QWin Premier Subscription on Win10 Pro.
  • Chris_QPWChris_QPW Member ✭✭✭✭
    To me this sounds like came up when Quicken Inc was looking for feedback on the Lifetime Planner.  The problem there was that Social Security calculations were out of date.  While discussing how to fix this it was brought life just how complicated these calculations can get depending on a given user's use case.  And basically the answer to the problem was "Don't try to calculate this, let the user put it in, and give them a link to the Social Security website to help them figure it out."

    I have never found any "ready made" account balance software that serves everybody's needs.

    On top of that there is a reason why programs don't do what you can do in Excel.  That kind of flexibility introduces complexity that the average person will not understand.

    That is why you end up with "dumb solutions".  They are trying to cram a complicated problem into a "simply", few click solution, and it can't be done.
    (I'm using the latest Quicken subscription version)
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