I added a new account. ALL of my other accounts disappeared. I could not get them back with backup.

back-up. What happned? How do i get my other accounts back?


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    How did you add this new account?
    Did you start the process by first "starting a new Quicken data file" (File Menu, New Quicken File)?
    Or did you just simply start the "Add Account" process by clicking either the "+" icon in the Account Bar Title or selecting Tools, Add Account?
    When you click the File Menu to open the menu popup, there will be a list of up to 4 Quicken data file names.
    The file marked "1" is the currently open file name. If that is the file with only the new account, then file number "2" should be the one with all your other accounts. Click the "2" to open this file and then repeat the "Add Account" process.
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