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My program is showing items "Marked as Paid" in my Bills and Income window when I haven't paid them.

I would like to know how to fix this and keep it from happening in the future.


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    @snreeser - Are you using Bill Manager or Bills & Income Reminder? 
    I don't use Bill Manager so I can't speak to that.  But if this is about Bills & Income Reminder:
    • Showing a bill as "Paid" simply means that a transaction for the bill reminder has been entered into the account register.  That transaction will have an not cleared status.
    • Once the transaction from the FI has been downloaded into the register and matched to it, the status changes to "Cleared" and the bill reminder will be updated to state that.
    • Once the transaction has been reconciled, the bill reminder will be updated to state that.
    There are 2 ways that bill and income reminders get entered into the account register:
    1. You clicked on the reminder and clicked on "Enter".
    2. Your reminder was set up to automatically enter the transaction into the register.
    To change your bill/income reminder setting: 
    1. Highlight the next reminder for it.
    2. Click on "Edit"
    3. Click on "Edit this instance and all future instances"
    4. Under "Optional Settings", if you see "Auto enter X days in advance", click on "change" to the right of that.  (If you do not see anything at all under "Optional Settings", click on the blue triangle just to the left of "Optional Settings".  That will expand the view.)
    5. Click on "Remind me" and set the number of days before the due date that you wish to be reminded of it.
    6. Click on "OK"
    7. Click on "Done"
    Your bill/income reminder will no longer be automatically entered into the account register and you will need to manually enter it when you want it entered.  Here's a couple of pictures that might be helpful you to in changing your bill/income reminder settings.

    (QW Premier Subscription: R33.19 on Windows 10)
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