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The very first check I had mailed to a vendor using the Quicken Bill Manager was returned.

I just found out that the very first check I had mailed to a vendor using the Quicken Bill Manager service was returned by the vendor's bank. The check amount is small and the account has more than enough funds to cash the check. Why would it have been returned? Again, this is my first time to use this service and so far, I'm not convinced I can trust it.


  • Quicken Diana
    Quicken Diana Moderator, Employee mod

    Hello @ Oregondoug

    There are a few reasons why a check would be returned. Is it possible that the vendors financial institution required additional information that was not included when setting up the check pay payee in Bill Manager? For example, an account number. Are you able to contact the institution to gather more info regarding the return so that we will know if this is something that we can address and correct?

    -          Quicken Diana

  • Oregondoug
    Oregondoug Member ✭✭
    edited April 2020
    The history: I bought Quicken Premier 2020 in November last year. I was told I had to change the Quicken Bill Pay service to the new one. None of my accounts could be authorized so I had to buy and scan paper checks. Wasted money. After that tedious and frustrating process was over I find out that now I have to abandon the Quicken Bill Pay service in favor of Quicken Bill Manager. Since the service failed with the first check I can sum it all up in two words. [rant redacted]
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