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I'm confused about the difference between Scheduled Bills and Bills and Income Tab


  • phil_druker
    phil_druker Member ✭✭
    I'm confused about the difference between Scheduled Bills and Bills and Income Tab. In Bills and Income I set-up a few bills and was able to stumble through linking to a Reminder which had the Payee and my account number with them. How can I tell if they were processed through Bill Pay or Quicken Bill Manager? I also have what was described above, where I provided login to an account and it seems to be confirmed but I'm waiting over a month "awaiting the next bill". I really don't need to get current bills through Quicken, since I get them via mail. I just want to continue to pay through Bill and Income Reminders and switch from Bill PAY to Bill MANAGER. How can I do that?
  • Quicken Hugh
    Quicken Hugh Alumni ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2020
    Hello Phil,

    Thank you for posting your concerns. Let's see if we can help to get you sorted out. 
    The old Quicken Bill Pay and new Quicken Bill Manager retain the same goal (pay the bills on time, correctly), but the pathway to achieve the goal is different than what you had used in the past.

    If you have not done so already, please review each step of this article to move from QBP to QBM.

    Next, for how to make payments using Quick Pay or Check Pay via QBM, please see this article. (Note: You will have to have enabled Quick Pay and/or Check Pay to make a payment via QBM.)

    To some extent, the Bill Reminder will become less utilized in the new system as the Online Biller' due date and amount due will show up in the QBM screen, thereby making a Bill Reminder in some cases redundant.

    In the screen capture example below, I have Progressive Insurance set up as an Online Biller (showing the Progressive logo on the left of the screen), and there is also a Bill Reminder for Progressive (showing a light blue icon on the left). When I set up the Bill Reminder, I put in a bogus due date and a bogus amount due, for illustrative purposes. In this case, the Bill Reminder is redundant.

    I am using a real-world example; I personally really do have Progressive auto insurance, and although I am certain I've set up the Online Biller correctly, Progressive has yet to release the Current Bill info to Quicken. [At the time of writing. Since then, Progressive has released the Current Bill info to Quicken.] Any time I like I can log into the Progressive website to see my next-due amount and due date to double check.

    If I chose to, I could click on Quick Pay (top row, right hand side) and trigger a QBM Quick Pay payment immediately. (I'd simply type in the amount due and click to confirm to send the payment.) A Quick Pay payment will typically process in a matter of minutes; the most recent payment would show up in the Last Payment column.

    Any missing bill or biller should be investigated on an individual basis, as there could be an issue with the biller. If need be, please contact support directly.

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