Receipt scanning

It would be nice to have the Quicken app scan a receipt and pull the data from it to populate fields. I have a separate app that does this really well (Foreceipt). The features and concept of that app built in to the quicken mobile app would be awesome.
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  • DebT
    DebT Member ✭✭
    receipt scanning and processing has been needed for years! don't bother with mobile without this feature
  • NotACPA
    NotACPA SuperUser, Windows Beta Beta
     Q Mobile can scan the receipt, and when downloaded into your desktop Q, that receipt can be attached to the transaction in Q ... but Q can't extract the info from that receipt.
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  • DanRay
    DanRay Member
    Here, here, Receipt scanning would be great. I am looking at an alternative business expense app. I currently use EXPENSIFY
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