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keep getting this error at start, Quicken will not open up


  • Frankx
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    edited May 2020
    Hi @jaxfla61,

    Is it possible that you are using the Canadian version of Quicken (a similar report was posted in this community in early April about this error message)?  Also what is your Quicken version?

    Let me know.


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  • jaxfla61
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    After :45 on hold, someone at Quicken fixed it, they claimed it was some kind of glitch when I first installed it, back in 2019….???? No, I bought it at a Staples here in FL, I don’t see anything on the pkg that says Canadistan on it…. Ha ha

    I have not shut down, yet, to check to see if it STAYS fixed….!!!!

    Thanks !!!
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