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    I went to my Online Payee List to check whether an address for a specific vendor was up-to-date. I was surprised to see that ALL of my online payees had disappeared (even though a recurring monthly payment to one vendor is still going through). Does anyone know if the online payees are still on record, but are simply not displaying for some reason? Is anyone else experiencing this problem and/or know how to fix it? I have not yet taken any steps to convert to Quicken Bill Manager, so I was surprised my vendor list, built over decades of use, was missing.
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    If you are a Quicken Bill Pay user, your on-line payee list is likely still available at the quickenbillpay.com web access site. There have been several problems the last few months with Bill Pay access from within Quicken desktop being disconnected or loosing authorization. When that happens, the desktop on-line payee list can disappear. There are numerous threads discussing ways it can be fixed. It varies by program version and platform. For me, I had to disconnect the bill pay service and then reauthorize my payment accounts. This is the thread I followed when doing so.

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