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Bill Manager: Paying on Two Life Insurance Policies with the same company

I have two life insurance policies with the same company. I can't seem to find anyway to setup separate payments for each policy. Bill Manager only allows me to setup a single online bill for the company with no apparent way to differentiate between the two policies nor will it allow me to setup a second Bill for the 2nd policy telling me I already have a bill setup.

Additionally, for the one bill that I did setup, Bill Manager tells me that the bill is not available to be downloaded. I can see it online and now I have my paper bill in hand but it's still not available for download. I tried refreshing the bill with same results.

Anyone have either of these issues or success with setting up multiple life insurance polices through the same company.

Thank you


  • Quicken Hugh
    Quicken Hugh Alumni ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2020
    Hello HJR
    Thank you for posting about your concern. 
    Within the Quicken Bill Manager, when you set up an Online Biller, the system is designed to 'discover' each bill (policy) that you have with that company, and then display, as a separate line item, each bill. 

    Yes, you are correct; sometimes a company will, on their website, show you the current bill, and/or they may have posted the bill to you in the mail.

    So we may better help you, please also post the flavor (Premier, Home & Business...) of Quicken you are using, the version and build, US/CAN? (Help > About Quicken) What Life Insurance Company are we talking about? (If you do not wish to publicly post such information, then please contact us directly so we might better be able to help you.)

    First I'd suggest we double-check how the Online Biller was set up for the Life Ins Co. Then we'd try to trigger the system to re-discover both of your life insurance policies. Next, we'd try to refreshing the bills.

    If need be we might have to re-set up this Online Biller altogether. Any missing bill or biller should be investigated on an individual basis, as there could be an issue with the biller - if this is your case, you are welcome to contact support directly for additional help troubleshooting this concern.

    Please post back to let us know how more. Thank you.
  • HJR
    HJR Member ✭✭
    In response to Hugh's comments:

    Response to Paragraph 1: Do the policies have to be due for Bill Manager (BM) to be recognize each one because it is not discovering each policy and displaying as you explain.

    Paragraph 2: Bill is due on May 10, today is May 7 and still no bill available to Quicken.

    Paragraph 3: Using Windows Quicken Premier 2020 ver: R26.21 Build: Life insurance company is Prudential.

    Paragraph 4: I've tried several times to remove and setup this biller and it does set it up but it will not present my two policies.

    Thank you
  • m_schroeder
    m_schroeder Member
    Same here. State Farm for me, multiple payments with different intents per year, and need to tie a different "reminder" to each bill paid to the same company throughout the year. Also have an AT&T bill in my hand and Bill Manager couldn't find either State Farm or AT&T bills that I have in my hands, couldn't get AT&T to text me a verification code either. One bank card did go smoothly however.

    This is Quicken Premier, 2020 version/subscription, R26.21, only upgraded because Bill Pay is going away.

    Bill Manager is NOT ready for use yet, whether it's a problem with Bill Manager itself or adoption at the online biller's side. Either way the result is the same - it doesn't work. I wish I had not converted over, and if you do, you are likely to feel the same way. A similar discussion "Has potential, but so far, not impressed" was closed after a slew of negative comments after April 13. I strongly recommend waiting.
  • m_schroeder
    m_schroeder Member
    OMG I just found out that you can't even *schedule* bill payments in the future in Bill Manager yet, *and* there is currently a 12 transaction limit per month it looks like. I rely on both of these!

    This is a non-starter. I won't use it at all if these aren't fixed very quickly, and I will find another solution outside of Quicken. And once I have a solution outside of Quicken that I've spent the time to set up, why in the world would I come back to set Bill Manager up again???

    It's *not ready* and should have had a ton of disclaimers stating its limitations and restrictions before wasting my time.
  • HJR
    HJR Member ✭✭
    I agree with you on all of Bill Manager's limitations. Quicken said it is more advanced then Quicken Bill Pay but I disagree. Primarily it has things it should do now but doesn't and things it yet doesn't do but should and hopefully it will soon. I also wish I hadn't converted. I will be spending my time looking for a replacement and if things arn't resolved by time Quicken Bill Pay goes away, I won't be staying with their product.
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