Quicken for MAC 2020 - imported QFX transactions automatically being accepted into register

I recently switched to Quicken for MAC 2020. In the Windows version I could manually accept transactions, and delete the ones I didn't want. My broker sends a lot of journal transactions that I do not want to import to the register, only to have to delete each one once there. Now I am unable to stop all transactions from entering the register. Is this a lost feature in Quicken for MAC?

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  • rexarus
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    Thank you UKR, that's not the answer I was hoping for here. I've been a Windows user for 20 years, and that's a basic function that is lost in the Mac version now that I just decided to try switching. Pretty dumb. I hope the programers get that functionality into the newer version updates of the Mac Quicken. It's important because there are many noise transactions (transactions mixed in that you don't want to accept) that can exist in a .QFX file, especially when it comes from a broker. Now I will have to deal with transactions that I don't want in the register that I have to manually delete after the .QFX import.

    Thank you again for the response.

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