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Bills Update?

Why is it that no matter which computer I use, updating scheduled bills, entering in bills, etc takes FOREVER -- it shouldn't take 30 seconds or more! Especially with a PC that has 32 GB of RAM on a SSD. I use 3 different PCs and all of them are slow. It's been like this for the last 3 versions I've used and I'm finally just fet up!! Anyone else have this problem? It can't just be me.


  • Quicken Hugh
    Quicken Hugh Alumni ✭✭✭✭
    edited May 2020
    Hello jvest,

    Sorry to hear that the software is not behaving expected. Let's see if we can get this resolved for you.

    There may be one or more reasons why the software is moving slowly for you. Please start by going through each step noted in this article.

    Also, are you trying to access the Quicken Data File from a Cloud service, like Dropbox? Keep in mind, Quicken is designed to run the Data File off your local hard drive. If you have not already done so, please move the data file to your local hard drive.

    Further, if you have many accounts, and many transactions going back a number of years, the performance may slow down. You might also consider creating a Year-End Copy (which simultaneously keeps all of the old transactions for your records, and creates an entirely new [presumably much smaller and sleeker] data file for your current year transactions).

    This week I spoke with a very nice gentleman in Scottsdale AZ who had a very similar situation. He had ~60+ accounts, transactions going back to 1996, and the data file was corrupted; his Quicken file was running very slowly when we started our conversation. After going through the steps outlined above, we were able to get him to a position where his Quicken software Data File are now working like greased lightning - correct, relevant and fast. NOTE: If your data file is corrupted, we may not be able to claw out the corrupted bits. You might have to restore a backup file and then move forward from there.

    If need be, you are welcome to contact support directly if you would like help. And/or post back to this thread and we'll take the next steps to try to help.

    Hopefully we can help you get this all sorted out and operating quickly again.

    Thanks you,
    Quicken Hugh
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