Is Quicken worthwhile for a renewal?

I have been using Quicken for a year now and due for renewal in May. I wonder if it's value for money as I rarely use, mostly becuase of frustration that it's never a seemless operation. I used Quicken help and phone support was good but it's just a one time fix. For example, updating my bank account is a pain, another issue is the placeholder stuff, and finally the need to be working on fixing all these while the purpose of this software is something else. I use Intuit a lot and wonder why cant we use just Mint or another brand...It's like ongoing research @Quicken (in the name of updates), fixing errrors and trying to get something out of this product.....All we need is: Just a sync and reports that we need, mirroring all the reports of various stock broking, MF companies, Banks, consolidated and :( :( seemlessly updated without any effort....What are your thoughts as I dont want to put down a great product and amazing features....May be Quicken should give more time for people to evaluate instead of blindly cancelling.....thanks


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    Well it really depends on your needs.

    If Mint serves your needs then there isn't any reason not use it.  Note that for some people "meets their needs" means they don't want their data online.  And then there probably isn't any other programs that is quite as comprehensive as Quicken, which is important to some people, but not to others.  As far as downloading transactions goes most the pain there is with Express Web Connect which isn't that reliable.  Direct Connect is more reliable, but much fewer financial institutions support it.  As for placeholders, basically if you have them then most likely you need help from people in this forum on how to deal with getting rid of them once and for all.

    Note Mint isn't without its own "download problems", and I think that will go for most any of these applications.  But one virtual of it is that it is "as automated as possible".  For some Quicken users that is next to a sin because they want control, but for a lot of people it is a blessing.

    You might also look Quicken Inc's new offering Simplifi, as the name suggest it is geared to the same kind of people that might find Mint to be a good fit.  It is online and geared to "as automated as possible".  But note that you can't import Quicken data into it.
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    Thanks for your comments and suggestions...Well, the needs are simple, I guess for everyone: A robutst dashboard that will consolidate various investments with 100% accuracy and with least trouble shooting. I use smf (stock market functions, a free yahoo group, bringing entire data into excel sheets from most of the financial sites), but involves your time for portfolio analysis. Quicken needs no marketing as it's a great product, but doesnt update so well....I will try some of the features you mentioned.....I am sure Quicken is aware of what I am saying, but I guess they keep on working to fix them as it may not working so well with most of the financial institutions....
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    I have now renewed quicken for another year....hoping this will give value for money....I want to hear that from Quicken..
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