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Customer Invoices now Showing up Under Property & Debt in Business Section



  • hanshock1hanshock1 Member
    I still have two accounts that are still in the assets, but should be invoice accounts. I hope this fix will put them back to the correct "category", meaning I hope they aren't corrupt forever. I can't even create a customer payment in that account now!
  • jorappjorapp Member
    Same problem here... I followed the suggestions in previous comments and arrived at the following solution for myself (I didn't want to restore an old backup):
    1. Disable all accounts from syncing to the Cloud (from Mobile & Web tab) - since this seems to be at the root of this problem.
    2. Create a new invoices account (Customer Invoices 2); be sure to uncheck the box for Synching!
    3. Re-enter all open invoices with the same date, invoice #, etc. (they will post to the NEW invoices account).
    4. Delete all open invoices from the OLD invoices account, so that it shows $0.
    5. Then hide the old invoices account.
    Maybe this solution will be of help to somebody else to stay on top of their A/R (and I can only hope it actually holds up....). Not happy with Quicken's failure to fix this in a weeks time - this is a small business accounting software... just without invoicing and receivables, right?!
  • CaseyLandCaseyLand Member
    Having the same issue as well, just got off the phone with support and he wasn't aware of the issue. I had to create a new file and import which has all the account though none of my customer list of invoice template that I made.
  • John4866John4866 Member ✭✭
    My invoice file is suddenly listed in my Assets Tab and non functional for invoices. How to fix?
    Seems this happened with the latest update. My invoice file is suddenly non-functional. There is no ability to even create an invoice. How do I fix this?
  • John4866John4866 Member ✭✭
    One more thing.....when I try to move its location, there is no option in the pull-down menu for the Invoice Tab. Frustration city!
  • John4866John4866 Member ✭✭
    My invoice file is suddenly listed in my Assets Tab and non functional for invoices. How to fix?
    Seems this happened with the latest update. My invoice file is suddenly non-functional. There is no ability to even create an invoice. How do I fix this? I should add that when I have tried to change the account details in my invoice account, there is no pull-down for INVOICES. There appears to be no way for me to change the details of this account. I can move it to Spending, Savings, Investment, or Retirement, but CANNOT move to the invoice tab? Help!!!
  • hermescohermesco Member
    I had the same problem with my invoice account after the last software update earlier today. I downloaded and re-installed the Quicken software, then restored my last backup. This fixed the problem for now. I'll be certain to backup my Quicken file before accepting any future software updates.
  • areadaread Member
    Same issue discovered this morning. Was scratching my head when I couldn't figure out why I was not able to invoice like a normally do. This is a fundamental function that needs to be fixed immediately!
  • StCroixDataStCroixData Member
    :/ Okay, it is time to stop lobbing out novice tech support ideas and get the "brain-trust" off the Hot Pockets. You need to FIX the problem, then push out an update. If you cannot fix the problem, please be kind enough to let us know because we are trying to run businesses. I have 2 months of billing....GONE!! If you can't fix it, then refund the prorated funds and allow us to find our own solution. Additionally, please do not tag this message as "(Removed-Disruptive/Argumentative) ". This is what happens when business people get tired of waiting with no hope.

    Thank you in advance.
  • cbenkencbenken Member
    Agreed. I was a big fan of the original Quicken software and purchased the Business edition with the expectation that I could create invoices for my small business. I've been stuck in the same frustrating cycle for the last several days and hope that I won't regret the purchase. Can you let us know when we might expect a fix to the "create invoice" function? If it's not realistic to expect that there will be a fix in the next week to two please tell us how we can get a refund.
  • hanshock1hanshock1 Member
    Last week, I was on tech support regarding this issue and the guy said they are aware of this issue and working on a fix. He said to check back in 24-48 hours. It is now almost a week later and I need to get started on end of the month invoices for my husband's lawn care service. I have 400+ entries and 200+ invoices to create! Yes, I can create a new invoice account and uncheck the "sync" button, which I did...But I'm scared to do anything new because they'll say, just set it back to such and such data file before the files were corrupt! Yeah...NO! I don't want to do that. In addition to that my 2019 invoices account is in the assets category so I have no way to look for customers that have a past due balance. Not only do they need to fix this glitch, but they also need to figure out a way to get my last years invoice register back to an invoice account! I've used Quicken Home and Business for over 10 years, but I am VERY unhappy with this right now! We pay good money for this. Do I need to switch to Quickbooks?
  • cmmirkovichcmmirkovich Member
    Same issue as the rest of the thread. I'm unable to generate invoices this month due to the issue and need to know if this is anywhere on Quicken's roadmap. At this time, small businesses need to be able to invoice our clients.
    One thing that i noticed and not sure if this is related.
    When my original invoice account was not recognized, i let the software create a new one to see if the new one would work properly. It shifted the account type like everyone else has commented. But the Zillow ribbon bar keeps appear as an "on" toggle. I hadn't noticed this ribbon bar until the last update. Is it possible that the ribbon bar is part of the problem here?
    (looks like i'm in the "all things canadian" path. I'm actually in the USA. I'll see if I can find a thread on this there.
  • Mark PedroiaMark Pedroia Member ✭✭
    Same problem here, cannot invoice (after 1st of the month during a pandemic with business woes - ugh) so....I applied the R26.21 patch this morning that was supposed to: "Fixed: An issue in which syncing an invoice account changed the account type from AR to Property & Debt." It did not remedy the problem.

    The workaround above, by Jorapp, does produce an invoice.

    For people who need to invoice, this gets it into the customers hands. How you resolve the bookkeeping with two A/R accounts, separate history of unpaid invoices held in the original A/R account, well...not preferred but a bigger problem, for some, is collecting on services rendered and solve the Q problem later.
  • jjsmith24jjsmith24 Member ✭✭
    The issue is not resolved with R26.21. I am still unable to create invoices or receive payments.
  • StCroixDataStCroixData Member
    :) Hats off to the team that has made an effort to correct this maddening issue with AR account getting zapped due to a syncing malady. I think my earlier comments reflected the frustration with the issue that turned our billable hours into rage when the error converted the AR data to sh+t. Even if it isn't a perfect solution, I / we appreciate the effort.
  • jjsmith24jjsmith24 Member ✭✭
    What solution? What effort? This is still unresolved for me. Is the only solution to create a new invoice account and manually move open invoices?
  • deecoysdeecoys Member
    I backed everything up, downloaded update then went to mobile & web and synced invoices. And so far so good. I’ve closed and opened and new update seems to have fixed the issue.
  • SGordonSGordon Member
    I downloaded the update just now, my old Customer Invoices are still listed as an Asset. I had created a new Customer Invoice2 account that is still fine. But I thought the update was going to change the account back to where it should be under Business Invoice.
  • hanshock1hanshock1 Member
    The only way that the customer service rep told me that we are able to fix anything is to go back to a date that things were working and restore from backup....which was a pain in the butt because I had several transactions in that month's time. Luckily we do a lawn care business and our season hasn't started yet for billing. But I had to write down any deposits and manually enter them again. Another BIG DOWNSIDE of this is all the contact information that my husband had updated in the "groups" was no longer there, so we had to go through everyone mailer to reenter everything we had entered since March 27. I'm guessing this glitch happened around April 1. I'm not very happy with Quickn right now regards FIXING the corrupted accounts.
  • Mark PedroiaMark Pedroia Member ✭✭
    For those who are going to roll-back to fix this, I have daily backups (external drive) and I went backwards, sequentially, and it was not until I made it to the file dated April 21st that the problem resolved. In this file, the "customer invoices" landed in the right spot in the account bar. Unfortunately, printing out all transactions between 4/21 and 5/6 produced 15 pages of transactions that need to be keypunched into the restored file. Uh, sure wish there was a better fix than this. Helloooo Quicken?
  • troyfitztroyfitz Member
    Any updates on when this will be fixed? This is completely unacceptable. Every time I get an update for this software, something breaks and I have to mess with my setups, accounts, etc to get it back into working order. So ridiculous. I'll also accept a partial refund for my subscription since I can't use all the features right now.
  • pajammspajamms Member
    I just did the update and my Invoice accounts moved to Property accounts. It seems this is a sync issue, I keep saying do not sync with the cloud before now. I regret that I chose to sync now.

    Is there a fix? Do I have to restore a backup file and re-enter all transactions and figure out what transactions need to be re-entered? That will take forever!

    Quicken, can you put the accounts back where they belong before the update hit? Or is it a lost cause?

    To be honest, I am getting more and more dissatisfied with Quicken. This is just one more thing to get me to change software. I need something that will be reliable without having to do extra work. I would like my money back as now I will be looking for a more reliable software program to manage my business!
  • aliceperryman2aliceperryman2 Member
    I did the new update this am and it did not move my account back to invoice.
  • Mark PedroiaMark Pedroia Member ✭✭
    After rebuilding everything between 4/21 (the day customer invoice acct changed) to present (it's not the first time I've had to do this) and looking back at previous times I've had to rebuild my data; I have to say that "sync" and "cloud" and "quicken web entry" were features involved in those events also.

    Sure, I don't know the exact or specific reason but after sync, my data would change, some would disappear, some would be duplicated. I got pretty good about changing file names, deleting cloud data/accounts, faking out the system to start fresh, it's a bit of work to stay ahead of the problems plus you have to monitor to catch things quickly.

    While I enjoy entering transactions on the iPhone, having access to the data on the web, and entering transactions on the web avoids a back-log of keypunch, it's only a benefit when it works correctly.

    Overall, sync, cloud and web has caused me much more difficulty than efficiency and there is no measure of the frustration and unexpected work it's created. More than it's worth I'm afraid. I don't intend to flame on Quicken for this, I've just come to realize that this group of features are a bit risky so I'm sticking with the basics.

    All this to say that SYNC is now OFF! I'm doing this to protect my data and to prevent the unexpected need to devote 6 hours to entering my data....a second time.
  • acebrosacebros Member
    The update hasn't fixed the issue so I am turning off sync permanently and using it how I have used software in the past. It is only on the one computer with a back up to a portable drive. No more cloud storage or access from anywhere. I will not be renewing my subscription. The "convenience" of the cloud is not worth the hassles and wasted time that has emerged during this mess.
  • Mark PedroiaMark Pedroia Member ✭✭
    Thanks, but I found the cut/paste solution a bit lacking on this issue. I tried the cut/paste last night before realizing I had to do a full restore and then manually keypunch in the missing invoice information.

    I found that the old "customer invoice" account was relocated to "property/debt" and that account had very limited information you could "cut" other than a date, category, memo and amount.

    When you cut/paste from the original account to the new account, well the transactions in the old account lack specifics from the invoice like invoice number, invoice date, due date, etc...so it was partially helpful but only to help me realize it was not complete enough information to restore my "customer invoice" account....hence, full restore back to the date before this started (I believe it was 4/21) and then create replacement invoices using the limited info as a trigger to help you rebuild.

    I was lucky in that I used the e-mail feature for invoices and "send me a copy" so I had a copy of most of the MIA invoices in my in-box.

    Best of luck to everyone
  • harrisandsonsharrisandsons Member
    When will this issue be fixed? I do not want to recreate everything. I am paying for this service and feel it needs to be figured out. Please can I get and ETA?
  • CarnancoCarnanco Member
    I've just taken Patch R26.21 (US Version, May 2020) which claims to fix this very problem. I was not having this issue in Mid April but now I am. This patch did NOT fix the problem. My old invoices are all under Property & Debt and if I try to create a new invoice it tells me I need to create an Invoices/Receivable Account. I can't send invoices! Help!
  • aaronjschmidtaaronjschmidt Member ✭✭
    Very frustrating. The copy/paste solution isn't a viable recovery method either.

    I was able to create new invoice accounts and then copy / paste my invoices and payments from my old invoice accounts to my new ones, but then syncing the new accounts failed with errors about "The referenced resource (parameter-splitItem.id, id=<#>) does not exist."

    I WAS able to open the invoices as Forms (which I couldn't do in the original accounts after this bug appeared), but the line items on the invoices were missing their descriptions.
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