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Stuck in a loop when adding a loan account

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  • JonQuick20
    JonQuick20 Member
    I'm having a similar issue to what Karl described above, getting stuck in a loop while trying to manually add a new loan. I've tried the Validate & Repair tool, rebooting my computer, and also tried adding a loan in a copy of my data file (saw this on a different forum Q&A). Following the Loan Details screen where the first payment date is entered, I click Next to get to the Your Loan Reminder screen to set the type of reminder I want, then click to the Loan Payment Reminder screen. When I click Done on the Loan Payment Reminder, rather than Quicken setting up the new loan I just get looped back to the Your Loan Reminder screen. There are no error messages on any of the screens, just this annoying loop. What's interesting is that during this process, I can actually see the new loan being added to the Account list on the left side of the screen, but my only way out of the loop is to Cancel and this removes the new loan account. I have about 20 years of history in Quicken and trying to pinpoint what issue might be causing this is becoming very frustrating. Any suggestions?
  • Sherlock
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    When we click Done in the Loan Payment Reminder window, Quicken should replace the Your Loan Reminder window with an Account Added window.   I suggest you move the Loan Payment Reminder window over a bit before clicking Done to prevent an inadvertent click-through of Back and then allow Quicken to repaint the window.

    If the Account Added window doesn't eventually appear, one possibility is the creation of the reminder is failing and the error-handler is treating the failure as though you selected Cancel instead of Done.  The question would then be why would the creation of the reminder fail?

    Please confirm the Loan Payment category exists and has Interest and Principal as subcategories: press Ctrl + Shift + C

    Are you able to create other reminders?  If you haven't already, you may want to review: https://www.quicken.com/support/advanced-data-file-troubleshooting-correct-problems-quicken-windows

  • JonQuick20
    JonQuick20 Member
    None of that worked, but I was trying to connect the new loan to a USAA checking account, and just read on the USAA website "You will be unable to download your historical USAA Bank account activity from usaa.com. " I may need to change banks because this is a deal breaker for me.
  • JonQuick20
    JonQuick20 Member
    "The last day to download your historical USAA account activity will be Friday, May 22, 2020. "
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