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OL-332-A ERROR MESSAGE for MSSB Investments

This morning I am getting the OL-332-A error message (Your login information is incorrect) for Morgan Stanley (MSSB). I had NOT changed the password in recent past. I clicked on the button to FIX IT and followed the prompts and confirmed I could login from my Edge browser using the same login Id and password. So, I changed the password using my PW generator. It no longer has "_" in the new password but does have special characters. Even though I saved the new password to the MSSB password manager in Quicken, I still get the OL-332-A error message, so something else appears to be wrong here.
Any thoughts or suggestions are welcomed.

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  • RJRJ Member ✭✭
    I don't see why this is an MSSB issue. If I can login to MSSB with no issues with my current credentials (login id & password) then why is this an MSSB issue?
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