How to add additional principal only loan payments to adjust monthly payment schedule?

mathewsmg Member
Using Quicken for Mac (subscription) on Mac OS X Catalina.

Spent three hours with Quicken Technical Support to find a way to enter an additional principal only loan payment and have Quicken adjust the monthly payment schedule accordingly -- even reached a senior supervisor yet no one had a solution to this issue.

it would seem logical & practical that Quicken would be able to handle such a situation but alas. We ended the conversation with the issue being referred to the software engineers and developers.

Can anyone shed light on this issue? I remain a Quicken fan -- just frustrated by this deficiency.

BTW, apparently the Windows version provides a menu guided process for this precise situation. :(

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  • Gasport
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    I am with you. Totally surprised that this is not available. For years they promise parity but this is just another example of how they have failed in that effort.
  • Quicken_Natalie
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    Hello @mathewsmsg,

    Thank you for bringing this to the attention of the Community!

    I went ahead and turned this discussion into an Idea thread so that other users are able to vote on it.

    Be sure to add your vote by clicking on the gray triangle right above the current vote count, located in the blue box at the beginning of this thread:

    Our developer's review Idea threads to get an idea of what people would like Quicken to offer.

    Thank you,

    Quicken Natalie

  • UKR
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    As a Quicken for Windows user, I'm surprised, too. I always thought this was simple to do, using the Loan setup wizard - created Scheduled Reminder. For example:
    How do the equivalent screens look in Q Mac?