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Unable to load file (Q Mac 2007)

I am not able to open the last time I used Quicken. I can restore from last time machine back up which was about 10 days earlier. I had just completed updating all my accounts on June 4th, lots of entries because I just bought a house and have had lots of transactions. The Data File has 12.3 MB. Is there any way I can get the data back. I am using Quicken 2007. I have been using quicken from the very beginning and 2007 was the last version before the entire format changed.


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    I don't have automatic backups. there was only one file which is the one which will not load. When I close the program it always says that Quicken was not able to automatically back up your file. I went into time machine and opened the last on saved which was about a week earlier. I'll just have to re-enter everything that was lost and start backing up to a thumb drive. When I can no longer use this version I'm just going to have to retire. The later versions of Quicken after 2007 don't work for me at all because I can't create my own reports the way I need to. It's just all too different.
    Thanks for your response. Michael
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    The response from @Quicken Anja is for the current Quicken product, but you indicate you're using Quicken 2007, so disregard that response. 

    Quicken 2007, as you're likely aware, is very old software that is no longer supported. You can continue to use it manually as long as it continues to work for you. The Quicken 2007 database was notoriously prone to periodic corruption, although most problems were easily repaired.

    Automatic backups cease to work if you've upgraded your macOS to format your hard drive to Apple's modern APFS file system. You should turn off automatic backups in Preferences so it stops annoying you with that message; meanwhile, that means you're completely responsible for backups. I strongly recommend using your Mac's built-in Time Machine software, even if you need to invest $75-$100 in an external hard drive. (It sounds like you do this already.) Or you can use an online service like iDrive or BackBlaze.

    Now, to the central matter. You say you cannot open your data file. What, exactly, happens when you try to open it? It's not unusual for the database to have corruption, which can be repaired by re-indexing using the Command-Option-B command. But if the file can't be opened, that won't help you. And why couldn't you use a recent Time Machine backup? I didn't understand what problem you ran into.

    You said "the later versions of Quicken after 2007 don't work for me at all because I can't create my own reports the way I need to. It's just all too different." It is different, and it tak4es some time to get used to. But that doesn't make it worse, necessarily. We all use Quicken differently, so I can't tell you the modern Quicken will meet your needs. But if you haven't evaluated reports ion Quicken Mac recently, you might want to take another look, because a lot has changed in the past year.
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    Big problems again with 2007. files will not load. I have opened my Quicken 2016 Version 3.8.3 and recovered what I can losing a couple of months. It seems like with 2016 there are no reports or anything like that. I don't understand why 2016 Quicken is so limited in ability. Seems like it was created for Apple classic. 80's dollars and senses was better that 2016. Is there something wrong with my 2016? I can't believe that Quicken went from all the abilities it had in 2007 to basically nothing. I am devastated. I have lost everything for 10 years, 10 accounts, checking and savings, 8 credit cards, 3 separate businesses. I hate to do anything now because the situation just gets worse.I don't think I can start over with another app.. Right now I think my entire financial life is lost. I'm going to take my computer in and see if they can find the problem. I haven't been able to backup time machine for a week on any of my ext. drives.
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    I'm sorry to hear you're still having problems.

    Why did things go backward from Quicken 2007 to Quicken 2016? Short answer: they started over. After Quicken 2007 was released, the developers determined Apple's changes and planned changes to the operating system made it impossible to continue with the existing code base. So they started over. It took more than three years to bring anything to market -- and the first release was rejected by many users as too incomplete. Intuit went through several management turnovers that stalled work on Quicken Mac for a few years, and it wasn't until late 2014 that the modern Quicken Mac came out. It was very bare bones, and the developers said it would take time to build out the functionality. And that's what they've been working on over the past six years. Neither users nor the developers thought the progress would be as slow as it has been, but the program keeps gaining better functionality with new releases every month or two.

    If you have most of your data in Quicken 2016, then there's likely an easy path forward: upgrading to the current (2020) Quicken Mac. Reports is an area of the program that has received a lot of attention over the past three years. The reports in current Quicken Mac are substantially better than in Quicken 2016 -- more reports, more types of reports, more user configurability. They're not done yet; there are a few older reports than haven't been re-written for the new reports engine, but for many Quicken Mac users, the reports are now at least adequate. Since we all use Quicken differently, I can't say if the reports in Quicken Mac will meet your needs, but you can try buying it and get your money back within 30 days if you determine it doesn't.

    Final note: since you've had multiple problems with your Mac, getting it checked out seems wise. But before you do anything else, manually back up all your important data -- all your Quicken 2007 and 2016 data files, your Quicken 2007 and 2016 applications, and your music, photos, your tax documents, etc.  If your hard drive or your Mac are going south, you want to insure you have your important data backed up. Copy to an external drive, copy to iCloud, but make sure you have backups (ideally more than one set).

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