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Why have I been receiving CC-502 error from Hudson Valley Credit Union (HVCU) for three days?

This has happened every month or two for a while. I receive a CC-502 error. When I manually download from the credit union website Quicken does not recognize the account and I have to reconnect the download to the account.

In the past I have deactivated all my accounts and then reactivated them. I am getting tired of repeatedly doing this.

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  • Frankx
    Frankx SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    Hi @anz,

    Sorry to hear that you are having problems with your credit union downloading.  You may want to review this information regarding the CC_502 error code:  https://www.quicken.com/support/error-when-updating-accounts-cc-502
    You should note that this guidance does not recommend that you deactivate and then reactivate your accounts for this error (sorry - i know that you are getting this advice a little late).

    I also searched the Community and apparently there were some download issues reported by users for Hudson Valley back in early April (but those seemed to be regarding a different error code (CC-501).  You can see that thread here: https://community.quicken.com/discussion/comment/20083404#Comment_20083404


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  • anz
    anz Member
    Yes, I've seen that link, but when nothing else works I had to try something. So what IS the answer? It seems there is no help available except during business hours -- when I click the "Contact Us" link in your referenced web page it always tells me that chat and phone help is unavailable. How else can I get help/report a problem?
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