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I have Quicken 2017 deluxe version
What happens when I subscribe a license for 1 year and after that period I do not renew again?
1.Can I normally use the version I subscribed to after the subscription term?
2 Do I miss future updates?

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  • NotACPANotACPA SuperUser ✭✭✭✭✭
    1. If you purchase "Starter Edition", it becomes Read-Only.  For higher level versions a "nag box" appears on the right side of your screen and it won't go away until you renew.  Also, you lose all ability to download into Q and access to Q Support ... although THIS forum remains available.
    2. You lose ALL future updates (both program and data) until you renew.
    Search around before you buy the subscription version.  Retailers other than Q itself frequently have better pricing and longer subscription period durations.
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  • mlar2010mlar2010 Member
    I have 2019 Deluxe and my membership expires soon. Sadly though the banking institution (a Credit Union) I use the most isn't signed up for Quicken (I talked to them and they don't have plans to do so). So, I have to manually input my data for those accounts anyhow. So if my membership expires will I still be able to use my Quicken as my checkbook ledger? Thank you.
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