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Again, Quicken fails with their new Quicken Bill Manager, every time I try to Quick Pay this bill it fails multiple times, telling me to fix the account, and needs addition information, so I have to put the info in again, this happens for at least thee times and some times more. I have to delete and added the account back twice now just to get it to work. Quicken please fix your software. Pease help fix this issue.

I have had nothing but multiple problems with Quicken since the last few of updates and since Quicken went to the inconvenient and more time consuming Bill Manager. It takes me more than twice as long to pay bills, which more times then not the first attempts fail.

One of the last updates I totally two impartment transactions.

Quicken should set up and refund customer's subscriptions fee for the errors and contents problems.


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    This is the second time asking this question, I didn't any responses in May.
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