Deleting Old Transactions

I'm not sure if this is the right category but here's my situation. I have transactions dating back to 2003, yeah I've been with Quicken for a loooong time. I would like to at least clean it up to the last 3 or 4 years but if I just delete those transactions it will throw my balance off. I would like to know if there is a way to do this without starting over with a clean slate?


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    If you're using Quicken for Windows, you may use File > File Operations > Copy... to produce a Quicken file that only includes transactions for a specified date range.  You will need to set the initial appropriate balances for the accounts in the new file.
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    Are you experiencing any sort of problems associated with your multiple years of transactions? Many of us have transactions dating farther back than 2003, and I often find it helpful to have those records readily accessible, for questions like these:

    --When did we last replace the roof, who did it, and how much did it cost?

    -- How much have we spent on home improvements since we bought the house? (needed to compute adjusted cost basis when you sell) 

    -- How much have we spent on out of pocket medical expenses since we opened HSAs? (needed for future tax-free reimbursements)

    -- What has been the long term performance of our investing accounts?

    -- What are the purchase dates and cost basis of the securities we hold (needed for capital gains taxes)

    -- How much have we given to various charities and our kids over the years?

    I suppose you could keep spreadsheets for all of these, but having the data in Quicken means you only have to enter the data once, and you don't have to anticipate everything you might need in the future. 
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    There also is File / File Operations / Year End Copy.
    It will recalculate the Opening Balance for your account registers after the new, truncated file has been created.
    Choose the cutoff date carefully. I recommend you keep 4 - 5 years worth of data in the new, truncated Quicken data file and keep the rest in the archive file.
    Be careful, though ... once cut in half, the two data files cannot be put together again, should you change your mind at some later point in time.
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    For 99.9% of the people trying to "Delete old transactions" is the wrong thing to do.

    It has very little benefit and lots of pitfalls of why it is bad.
    And almost every one of the "benefits" people think they will get are based on false assumptions that aren't true.
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