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I am in my third month without a bank connection. My previous discussion has been closed, without resolution, so I will open another with the same title. I have had a couple of communications from Quicken. There is first of all the usual one reminding me that if I don’t pay my subscription my bank connection will no longer work. My bank connection! Ah, those were the days.Turns out this is for an old version. In addition, my bank has been sending me alerts whenever Quicken connects to my account. As you may know, Quicken connects to your bank several times a day if you are using Quicken Connect. Most of the time the bank distinguishes between this business-to-business type connection versus a real person logging in online, but this has gone off the rails again. When this first happened to me a few years ago, I phoned my bank and asked about the alerts. In response they froze my online account and insisted I have all my devices professionally cleaned and certified. This cost me hundreds of dollars, weeks without my computer, and endless hours on the phone. All responsibility was mine apparently, as Quicken and the bank did pretty much nothing. I eventually figured out what the problem was (Quicken Connect) and phoned both organizations to tell them. I think I will just turn off these fraud alerts this time, since they are now effectively useless. I am certainly not going to tell the bank again. As for my original connection problem, I don’t know what to do. I am not getting the service I expect, but there does not seem to be any way to make progress.


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    Wahoo! Fixed!
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    Glad to hear your problem is solved. :) Would you mind sharing with us what changed resulting in things now working? Something you changed in your Quicken set-up? Something Quicken Support had you change? Something that happened behind the scenes and is magically now working?
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