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Quicken Mac file size bloat, lack of "archiving" (to help solve bloat), one-file-at-a-time limit

1. Unlike Quicken/Windows, Quicken/Mac does not allow any soft of "archiving." It's not possible, for instance, to select transactions by date and "export" or "archive" them so they may be referred to in the future (or maybe even re-imported if needed in the future) without having them dragged along over the decades in the currently-in-use Quicken file. Quicken's support staff acknowledges this problem.

2. Lack of archiving is more than a mere annoyance, because it results in impossibly large Quicken data files. Mine had grown to almost 6 GB in recent months. Since I back up (encrypted) versions to a cloud, that huge size meant having to wait for 6GB to encrypt, download, encrypt and upload (much more slowly, of course) every time I opened the file. That became not only a time sink, but also a data hog. And because there's no way to export some-but-not-all transactions, there was no way to slim the working file. Quicken's support staff acknowledges this problem, too.

3. I've learned through extensive, time-consuming trial-and-error that much of the data-bloat is related to storing investment transaction "history," which can be important, of course. But it's also the sort of thing that archiving would help.

4. I decided to solve the data-bloat problem by starting a fresh Quicken file, from scratch. By re-downloading into this new file only recent transactions, I achieved a file size of merely 30.5MB. Within one week, however, Quicken re-bloated that file to almost 75MB. (and in a single "opening" and transaction download just today, the file added 2MB!). That's still much smaller than 6GB. But it does make me wonder what Quicken is doing behind-the-scenes to more than double the size of its file in one week.

5. Another problem is highlighted by the fact that I retained my old 6GB file in case I ever need to refer to older transactions. This problem is that Quicken/Mac does not permit opening two files at the same time for side-by-side comparisons, or copy-pasting individual transactions.


  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    The file sizes you quote seem very unusual. Are you storing your live data file on Dropbox? Are you uploading a significant number of file attachments (like scanned statements) to your file? My data file, with more than 20 years of transactions, is under 75 MB in size, so the fact that you passed that in one week seems suspicious.  
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  • I'm kind of late to the party but I'm experiencing very large data files, 1.75GB, and I was wondering if there was danger of a crash. From what I have read, it would appear that slowness in opening and closing/saving the file seem to be the only downside.

    I have tried to find an archiving approach to purge old transactions but as been pointed out here, none exist.
  • jacobsjacobs SuperUser, Mac Beta Beta
    @Chris Shatara Sr.  1.75 GB sounds pretty large for a Quicken Mac file. What version of Quicken Mac are you running? Is your file stored on your Mac (e.g. not on Dropbox or iCloud, or in your Documents or Desktop folders if they are store on iCloud?) Do you store a lot of Attachments in your Quicken data file? There are a few other things to suggest looking at, but let's start with those basics first.
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