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Can't download Citibank

Today I am getting an error message101 General Error with "partial download". Anyone else having this issue?


  • Quicken AnjaQuicken Anja Moderator mod
    edited June 22
    Hello @Susie,

    Thank you for reaching out to the Community regarding your issue, though I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing this.

    Please, review and follow the error-specific troubleshooting instructions found in this support article in regard to error 101 that you are receiving.

    I hope this helps and let us know if you have any additional questions!
    -Quicken Anja
  • SusieSusie Member ✭✭
    Anyone else having CITIBANK problems?
  • Quicken FranciscoQuicken Francisco Moderator mod

    Hello @Susie

    Thank you for reaching out on the community and telling us about your issue. We're currently having issues with Citibank and are looking to collect logs so we can gather more information. When you have a chance could you please contact Quicken Support via chat or phone so that we're able to guide you through collecting logs so we're able to have the matter looked at and hopefully fixed promptly. 


    Quicken Francisco

  • UnknownUnknown Member
    I too am having issues since June 19th or 20th.

    Error code is "AGGREGATOR_IN_ERROR (CP_SCRIPT_ERROR:ccscrape.101)". After walking me through multiple steps, Quicken support said it's a known issue with a subset of Citibank customers. They referred me to a known issue link for updates:


    …though this appears to be resolved and not actively updated anymore.

    I also have two logins, both with multiple accounts. One login appears to be working fine, the other results in this error. Following troubleshooting steps from here:


    …failed to resolve the issue and only to prevented me from adding downloading back again.

    In another test with tech support, starting a new Quicken file allowed the setup of the working login, but not the failing login.

    Have also tried logging in to Citi directly in my browser (Safari) and that works fine. Someone experiencing a similar issue from the Windows side suggested it is likely a interstitial window interrupting Quicken's login process. After disabling one advertising window for direct deposit, I don't have any windows interrupt my login process.
  • SusieSusie Member ✭✭
    Thank you for the information. I get the same error message. I have only a single log in and don’t know how to correct the issue. I also had something similar a few months ago, but there was a workaround by going through the Citi data management site. That no longer seems to be available.
  • igorprigorpr Member ✭✭
    I have the same issue. Tried to follow the support article link above and it did not help. Now my all Citi accounts are disconnected. The same error and I try to add a new account from Citi. Tried to contact Support Chat - They said this is the known issue and I should just wait. This is lasting for several days. Anyone has more information about it?
  • SusieSusie Member ✭✭
    Did you speak to Quicken or Citi support?
  • SusieSusie Member ✭✭
    I was able to dl directly from CB using web connect. At least that worked. Cannot dl from Quicken
  • igorprigorpr Member ✭✭
    @Susie I spoke with Quicken support.
  • almcatealmcate Member ✭✭
    Get the following to update Citi passwords: Quicken encountered an error while communicating with our servers.
    Try again later. If the error persists, contact Quicken Support.
    No luck deactivating/reactivating
    Sent error report message Monday with sanitized data file to Quicken customer service but have received no reply or acknowledgment. Last Friday was last connection.
  • alsolution100alsolution100 Member
    Very frustrate with citibank and quicken. Cant download properly I even sign in to Citibank, going to profile and Manage Desktop App and have access to quicken to get info. This is happening very often
  • SusieSusie Member ✭✭
    How do you add Quicken to Manage Desktop App? I have been unable to do thus.
  • SusieSusie Member ✭✭
    Woo hoo it just worked! I was able to DL my Citibank accounts and reactivate account I had deactivated. Finally after 6 days!
  • UnknownUnknown Member
    My problem login with Citibank just activated finally and updated. That took a few days…
  • Scott LeberknightScott Leberknight Member ✭✭
    It is 6/27 and even though the issue was marked resolved, I am still having the following problem:

    "Partial Download (-28)
    FI_TIMEOUT:ccscrape:102: Temporary issue with the FI.login response is null. Kindly retry after sometimes"
  • Scott LeberknightScott Leberknight Member ✭✭
    I just chatted with Quicken support...the agent said "I am really sorry but we still have issues with this bank" and then "Please allow us a few days to solve this issue". So, alas, I guess I will be waiting some more...
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