One Step Update - Very Slow Again - R27.24

I recall that a few months ago there was a product update after which the One Step Update process slowed considerably. That seems to have just happened again.

Last time, there was a "fix"/work-around that involved changing some setting about animations. It seemed to make it so that the Progress window would just no longer display the spinning icon on the left. After altering that setting, the text descriptions of the progress/stage of each account's update process would refresh much quicker. This effectively resolved the issue, and update time (for me, at least) dropped from ~20 minutes back down to <1 minute.

I just launched Quicken this morning and was auto-updated to the newest version.
Immediately upon doing the One Step, I could see that there were changes to code here. The icons on the left changed, and now look like a circle with a blue progress dot at the top meant to fill around the circle as the account progresses.

I say meant to, because the dot doesn't move. The icons and the entire screen sits darkened doing nothing for 5+ minutes. Eventually there will be some status updates. But the whole process takes ~15 minutes to complete now.

I've restarted the app and run 3 updates. They all went in this poor fashion.


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    I found the setting I mentioned: Edit > Preferences > Setup > Turn on animation.

    I confirmed that it was still unchecked. I've now checked it and tried the One Step Update again, just in case...

    The experience was different, slightly improved, but still slow.

    The circle icons remained still for the first ~5 minutes, but there were a few status text updates where previously there had been no progress indicated in prior runs.

    Then, at the ~5 minute mark, the icons all became animated and status updates began to come in.

    The whole update this time took closer to 10 minutes. Still too long. Not sure how much the "animated" bit plays into things, as it had a few months ago.

    In any case - am I the only one here? Things are much slower...
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    Please do TOOLS, Account List ... and for each of your downloadable accounts please tell us the Financial Institution name and the download method for that FI (found in the "Transactions  Download" column).
    If you have multiple accounts at the same FI, it only needs to be reported once.
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